Xera Social Engagement - Facebook and Amazon

Due to the large number of members engaging in the current referral craze, Xera has been skewed towards the referral modules. Xera is more than referrals! You earn more from our Xera social engagement activities than the referral program. 

Xera Social Engagement - Facebook and Amazon

In today’s lecture, I will be explaining how the Xera social engagement works and how it is so powerful for generating a lot of residual income for you and your Xteams.

Xera social just like Facebook makes money from ad impressions and ad clicks. Xera charges N100 for every 1,000 ad impressions (views). An ad impression is an action that happens whenever an ad is viewed.


It is the standard in the digital advertising industry. Without your actions like making posts, reading posts or comments, Xera or Facebook won’t be able to consume the ad budget set out daily by advertisers.

Facebook makes about N12billion daily from ad views… If Xera makes mere N5million daily and that will be N150million monthly. This also implies that 80% (N120million) of that money will go back to those that made posts, comments, likes etc.

So how does Xera distribute this massive wealth to its members engaging on the Xera social platform and what are the possible strategies one can employ?

To explain this further and also show you how to build your strategy, I will be using a hypothetical example of a Xera (FREE or Pro):

Mr Sadeeq joined Xera and wanted to socialize just the way he does on Facebook. He is unaware of the profit program or the rev-share. He searches for people he might know on the platform, he follows them and they also follow him back too. He finally has 85 followers, people that will directly see his posts and activities.

Mr Sadeeq makes a post titled “Why President Buhari Is Nigeria’s Best President”. This article was shared by 10 of his followers and finally, it was able to get 85,000 views or reads. This particular post made by Sadeeq, going by Xera monetisation algorithm, it has earned N8,500 (N100 per 1,000views). Yes, this single post has made this much and this is how much money most contents you post on social media platforms generate.

Who pays this money?

This money N8,500 is paid by the advertisers (collectively). As people view this Sadeeq post on Xera, products from the XMarket and banners from advertisers are displayed alongside the post to the viewers. The advertisers’ budget and that of the Xmarket Merchant are consumed every time a member reads the post.


Does Sadeeq get the N8,500 From The Xera Social Engagement?

The N8,500 revenue generated by Sadeeq is split this way: Sadeeq sponsors/uplines to 7 generations take N425 (5%) each making a total of N2,975 (35%), Xera takes N1,700 (20%), the XLeaders take N850 (10%) and Sadeeq takes  N2,975 (35%).

The above example shows us how the social engagement algorithm monetises your social actions on Xera and if you constantly make posts or update your wall, your earnings will grow astronomically.

How Does This Affect The Pro-users

Because every user is necessarily ending up under a pro-user, the pro-user takes a lot of proceeds from the earnings of users engaging. If a pro-user has 1,000 members under him just like Sadeeq, who are making posts and engaging on Xera daily replicating that example above, that will mean a daily residual income well above N25,000. For the pro-user, the strategy is to capture the effort of other users by positioning on top of the chain.

How Does This Affect The FREE Users

The example above shows that the FREE user can actually earn real active money easily through social engagement without necessarily going pro. The FREE user’s focus should be how to engage on Xera. They must not be blinded by the strategy of the pro-users because the strategy of the pro-users only work when the number of total pro-users are still very low compared to the total population of the Xera membership. Right now there are about 400,000 members and only 179 pro-users in the Xera community.

Here are the key points to note:

  1. Sadeeq was never told Xera will pay him for engaging on its platform. He joined just like he would have on any other social media websites freely but on signup, he will be attached to a pro-user.
  2. He will be shocked why he is seeing earnings and this will lead him to learn how Xera works.
  3. He will notice that when he wants to withdraw the money earned, he will be required to go pro. The pro-fee will be deducted from his earnings and his 7 upline’s pending bonuses get active.
  4. He will be excited to tell his friends about Xera and his testimony will produce more memberships.

In Xera everybody wins but understanding your strategy matters. 

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