Xera is a community powered social commerce platform. It is LOCAL social media and GLOBAL eCommerce.

Revenue Sources:


Xera gives local vendors and SMEs a platform to sell their products and services for a commission. Every sales or purchases done on Xera generates a commission which is shared realtime to the community but to the Xteam the transaction emanated from.


Xera engages all its member using our own brand of social engagement tools. Our social engagement focuses more on local content. Xera connects you to local happenings in your LGA and State by streaming relevant feeds on your wall.

We generate advertising revenue from the social engagement modules just like Facebook.

How Are Revenue Shared?

Xera gives back 80% of every revenue generated back to the community. All revenue are connected to Xteams.

Referral Program

Xera is not a network marketing business or an investment program. Our referral program is designed to encourage teamwork and create stable residual income for all who participates.

It is meant for Go-Pro verified users, though you can start FREE and work your account to the verified status from your active earnings.

Every user earns from simply referring, reading posting, commenting, buying items, selling products or taking up leadership positions.

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How Can I Register on Xera Platform

To register on Xera, all you need is to visit Xera Portal Here

If you have issues while registering on Xera, Kindly drop your comment below or you can send your message privately via this Whatsapp number 08130197355.

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