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Ebizi Blessing Eradiri: Meet This First-Class Nigerian Lawyer Who Is Also The Face Of Bayelsa Girl Child

The face of Bayelsa girl child, Ebizi Blessing Eradiri is the 24-year-old double first-class graduate in Law from Niger Delta University, Amassoma and the Nigerian Law School that the Bayelsa State Government Just honoured recently.

To celebrate her new appointment as the face of Bayelsa girl child below is her life story of what she experienced before becoming a double First-class Nigerian lawyer.

Ebizi Blessing Eradiri
Ebizi Blessing Eradiri [Face of Bayelsa Girl Child]: Who is She?

Ebizi Blessing Eradiri is the fourth person and first female to get a first-class honour in Niger Delta University, Amassoma and she is also the first person to get first-class honours in Nigerian Law School from her University.

The 24-year-old is also a computer forensic examiner and at the moment, she is currently practising law in Lagos.

Ebizi Blessing Eradiri hails from Agudama-Ekpetiama community in Yenagoa local government of Bayelsa State.

Ebizi Blessing Eradiri

But She grew up in Port Harcourt and according to what we heard, she is the only daughter and second child of her parents.

In an interview with BBC, Ebizi said the day that she will never forget in her life was when they told her that she is a first-class honour in law school and she started shedding tears of joy because she didn’t believed that at first.

She also said that the good news was announced to her while she was still in NYSC Camp and this means her dreams are coming through because she has been working hard to bag the first-class honour.

Challenges That Ebizi Blessing Eradiri Faced Before Becoming First-Class Nigerian Lawyer and Face of Bayelsa Girl child

She added that the journey was not that easy for her because of financial challenge and at some points, she wanted to even quit.

She also ventured into small catering and events decoration job, paid tutorial classes just for her to raise money and support herself while still schooling.

“Another challenge I faced was that the law faculty in my school doesn’t have a hostel for students which made me rent off camp accommodation and we lived in an area where robbery incidents are common.

Ebizi Blessing Eradiri

The electricity challenge too. Today, the reason why I am using eyeglasses is that I studied with poor light that destroyed my eyes. Even though I have a rechargeable lamp but it is not every time we have light to even charge it so I use candlelight.

Even at that, I didn’t allow that to discourage me because I want to meet up with my target.” Ebizi Blessing Eradiri said.

Another motivation for her is the fact that Eradiri came from a humble background so she doesn’t want to disappoint her parents who made a great sacrifice for her to study in a preferred school.

But the biggest challenge for her during her law school was the time she lost a close friend and study partner (Erenghotimi Stanley) in her first year.

She said she almost left school because of the great loss of her friend which made her so weak.

“I thank God for the system the Nigerian Law School Lagos Campus possess as they observed my absence in school. they were able to encourage me to come back to school.

I have attended some therapy sessions, in fact, up till the time I wrote my bar exam.

I still mourned her but it’s just God that made me survive this. I thank God for seeing me through.”

Ebizi Eradiri, The New [Face of Bayelsa Girl Child]

Ebizi Eradiri, The New [Face of Bayelsa Girl Child]

Ebizi Blessing Eradiri sees her new appointment (face of Bayelsa Girl Child) as an opportunity to challenge the negative perception (The thinkings that some people have towards the Bayelsa people)

“I see myself as a public figure that many people will be looking up to and plenty expectations are on me so this is a good platform for me to promote education, girl child and the good people of Bayelsa as a whole.

Many times people underrate Bayelsa people so I see this as an opportunity to encourage them so that they can stand firm and compete with anybody in any part of the world.

Ebizi Blessing Eradiri says she has some plans before the Government honoured her as something she is very passionate about to mentor young people.

She also disclosed that there are plans to partner with Non-Governmental Organisation – NGOs, educational bodies in a bid to improve education and she also hope to set up her foundation that will give support to children of Bayelsa most especially the girl child to raise more funds for them to go school.

 Meet This First-Class Nigerian Lawyer Who Is Also The Face Of Bayelsa Girl Child

‘School is not a scam’ – Ebizi Eradiri [Face of Bayelsa girl child]

To every concerned Bayelsa girl, Ebizi Blessing Eradiri advised them to take their education more serious because the belief that ‘school is a scam’ is not true.

“Don’t let anything discourage you. There are many things that will discourage them but they must keep pushing because it’s not easy.

They should also speak up, if it’s something they need advice, they should not hesitate to communicate with me because I am available and other people are also available for that.

There are some things they will expect that won’t come but they should keep aiming just like me, throughout my university, I didn’t receive any bursary.

Nengi Hampson: Bayelsa Government Clear ‘Confusion’ Over Blessing Eradiri, Who Recently Got New Appointment As The Face of Girl Child

Even the law school grant, although I was the best graduating student from my school and When I applied for the scholarship grant, I was not given and that didn’t make me stop.

So challenges will always come but make sure to remain focused on the goal and God will do the best.”

When asked the next step that she will adopt, Ms. Eradiri said her focus is to finalise the burial arrangements for her late mother who recently died on Tuesday, 5 January 2020 at the age of 60 years.

 Meet This First-Class Nigerian Lawyer Who Is Also The Face Of Bayelsa Girl Child

In her words below:

“I was still mourning her death when we received the call from Government House to come. So after her burial, I will go back to my drawing board to weigh the opportunities and options available to know the next step to take.”

Ms Eradiri Graduated from Niger Delta University in 2018 and finished at the Nigerian Law School in 2019.

She also served the 1-year mandatory NYSC in Lagos.

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