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Episode 1: Bleeding Heart Still Pounds (Must Read)

Bleeding Heart Still Pounds – Episode 1

Bleeding heart

Wake up Alexa, my mum shouted from downstairs. I decided to sleep for a minute.
I was about closing my eyes when my sister who happens to be aria splash water on my face.
Aria!!! I called and give her a bad look, sis doesn’t give me that look you are getting late for school, get ya big butt out of the bed and go freshen up she said.
Can you stop those slang of yours I asked getting annoyed?
It ain’t your business she said with a smirk.
I quickly head to the bathroom to freshen up.
I got out of the bathroom to pick a dress when I saw a dress on my bed.
I smiled because I know it was aria that helps me to pick a dress.
I quickly put on my dress and went to the dinning to eat my breakfast.
Dad good morning, mom good morning I said
How was your night my dad asked me
It was fine.
I quickly rush my breakfast and bid them goodbye,I saw a taxi and took it to school.
I got to school no teacher was in the class I was happy, after 10 minutes a teacher came in.


After the lectures, I went to the cafeteria and order my food
I ordered chips and milk,
I picked a seat and sat down on it.
As usual, the squads came to me, they are four in numbers, Kira, Keelin, and Kate
They started bullying me
Hey, bitch Kira the gang leader said walking up to me, but I ignored her and continue eating, since have get used to the way they bully me.
This makes them be angry she shouted at me which makes me froze.
I hate it when people shout at me I started crying she knows that is my weakness
They started laughing at me while they pour my food on my head.
I was so embarrassed because the students were laughing at me and taking pictures.
Keelin raised her hand to slap me but was held by someone.
I looked up and saw d cutest guy in school who happens to be Aiden.
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