Some Nigerian Ladies will agree to this that bone straight hair wig is now one of the latest hair trends after going viral on Social media.

Teni rocks Bone Straight Hair

Celebrities and slay queens are now using the latest hair trend to rock on social media and as part of Christmas trends.

Nigerian female singer, Teniola Apata is the latest celebrity to join the hair trend.

She posted the photos of herself rocking it on social media and captioned it “SUGARMUMMY”.

What Is This Bone Straight Hair

This is a thin straight hair wig that looks very smooth. Reports have revealed that this type of hair is raw and knotted all-through.

It comes in different lengths starting from 8 inches to like 30 inches and can even extend more than that.

The funny thing about this is that this type of hair has been out since according to some vendors who do not want their name to be revealed.

We are all aware that every fashion and every style always have a season in Nigeria so seeing this trending is a normal thing as a Nigerian.

Bone Straight Hair

How much does bone straight hair cost in Nigeria?

Well, the prices of this type of hair in Nigeria get range based on the type, length and gram that you want.

The price should be from N60,000 and above.

What are the types of Bone Straight Hair?

Single Drawn: This type of hair has different lengths of hair that has been mixed inside the extension.

Single drawn always look very thick at the top but get reduced at the middle while at the end, it becomes thinner.

This kind of hair is considered as the cheapest of all the remaining types of bone straight hair.

Double Drawn: This hair usually get the same length which means the top, middle and bottom are always thick and full but very expensive more than the single drawn type.

Super Double Drawn: This type of hair is considered as the thickest of all. It possesses about 80% – 90% amount of hair strands that are of the same length.

If you wear a double drawn type of hair, it looks like your natural hair because of its appearance.

Super double drawn is the best of all the type of bone straight hair that we have in Nigeria.

When something is considered to be the best in Nigeria, we all know how competitive it will be in the market so because of this, the hair is more expensive.

Single Drawn Bone Straight Hair

Where You Buy This type of hair In Nigeria?

You can buy bone straight hair from any human hair vendor in Nigeria but be informed it may be scarce because the hair is now a hot cake.

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I was not surprised when a lady went gaga because her boyfriend surprised her with the bone straight hair.

The price alone is something so for a lady to get such as surprise gift will mean a lot to her because of the price tag.

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