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Excess Sugar is Not the Cause, See the Real Cause of Diabetes

It is a common saying that excess sugar in the body can cause diabetes and other deadly diseases.

What if I tell you that eating late at night can cause type 2 diabetes?

As we all know that Diabetes is a disease that affects a human’s body ability to reproduce or respond to hormone insulin which can result in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the blood.

A Diabetic patient tends to always have high glucose in the body and when this happens, the body sugar level will rise than normal.


From research, Type 2 diabetes can be caused by more than one factor unlike type 1

The main causes of Type 2 Diabetes are;

1.  Obesity,

2.  Increase in age,

3.  Wrong food combination which is often regarded as a bad diet.

4.  Late-night eating: This is one of the main causes of Diabetes you don’t know.  Food eaten late at night stays in the body for roughly a few hours and when you wake up the following morning, more food will still be taken into your stomach again even though the food you ate late at night is still there. this makes the food in your stomach to become harmful to the body system.

Symptoms or Signs of Diabetes

Well, the symptoms of the disease may vary depending on how the blood sugar is raised in a human’s body.

1. Frequent thirsting

2. Sudden weight loss.

3. Presence of ketones in the urine.

4. Very slow healing of wounds.

5. Blurry vision.

6. Irritability.

7. Frequent skin infection, vagina infection and others.

#Always Stay healthy and Stay safe#

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