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Facebook Will Not Pay You For Any Activity But Xera will pay you for everything ( See Details)

What is Xera

Xera is a platform that brings together E-commerce and Social Network into a single platform for the purpose of interaction and doing business.

The social side like Facebook Instagram etc

The commerce side like, Jumia, Amazon, Konga etc

You can do everything you do on Facebook in Xera but where this is better is that you get rewarded with active earning in Xera.

80% of what comes into Xera is shared amongst members using what is known as Rev-share or Revenue Share and XVotes.

But the good thing is that Xera gives back 80% of the profit made on the site to the users.

Signing up is the first step you take.


Getting a Xera account is as easy as opening a FB, instagram or Twitter account

When you sign up you are a free user… so you can log into the site and do what you do on FB or Instagram… post, comment, like etc

Also with that account you can access the xmarket and buy items like you do on Jumia, Amazon etc

But here is the game changer… GoPro

When you GoPro you have access to more benefits from Xera

For example discount on items bought from the Xmarket

You get XVotes too… having XVotes on Xera is more like being a shareholder

Here are the 3 Major ways you earn in Xera as a Pro User:

1. XVotes: this is passive income and it grows daily as new users come in, products are sold, adverts are placed etc

2. Referrals
When you refer new users and they go Pro, you get earnings. Also the system spills over users to you as your downlines as new users go Pro.

3. Social Engagement:
You get paid for each post, comment, likes etc you make on Xera

Going Pro doesn’t instantly put money into your account but on the long run.

Those cashing out early are those referring.

Pro users who are referring other users who go Pro too gets N1,000 referral bonus.

When you go Pro, your sponsor gets N1,000

If your sponsor is dormant or passive, then his only earning option is through Revshare or XVotes

Going pro is having all the benefits of Xera.

Referrals and residual income

Referral or no referrals, you become financially free.

Going pro, gives you the prospect to cashout at $5,000 before June next year.*

That should be able to set you up for a small comfortable lifestyle.

Because the opportunities in Xera are one-time outside *social engagement*.

But if you need *quick cash*, then engage in *referrals* or *social networking.*

Those are your responsibilities.


The difference is in strategies and financial goals. Both Pro and Free Users are very important to Xera.


1. The Pro User is actually a stakeholder therefore every growth in Xera directly impact on the financial and welfare status of the Pro User.

Every Pro User has a minimum of 500 Xvotes and if they are active on Xera Social, they get another 100 XVotes.

The XVotes represent a unit of administrative control and ownership of Xera. Xera revenue and transaction fees outside referral activities flows into it.

The XVotes grows real time and it is projected to be valued above $10 mid-year 2021.

– A member gets N500 worth of Xvotes once upgrade to pro Verified.

– A member gets N10000 worth of Xvotes once upgrade to pro business.

– A member gets N20000 worth of Xvotes once upgrade to Xleader

You can also buy more Xvotes.

What this implies is that, a pro account could be valued for $5,000 by next June 2021.

This income is not related to referral commissions, social engagement or sales commissions.

This is the real passive income in Xera. You get this benefit because you are an early Pro user.

This opportunity will soon close as the total XVotes get exhausted.

The Xera referral program is best suited for Pro users because it rewards you $1.36 per user you referred that goes Pro.

The free user is the regular member. They get paid from social engagement.

– They help drive traffic and keep the social activities alive.

– Xera sell products from its commerce platform through the social platform.

All the free user need to do is do what they do on Facebook on Xera.

– Updating status messages, posting birthday wishes and others.

Just do what you do on Facebook on Xera.

But to deepen your earnings on Xera, we usually advise you go Pro.

When you Go Pro, you separate yourself from the crowd and actually ensure the full benefit of Xera.

If you are a Free user and you engaged in the referral activities, you will lose those benefits to Pro users because according to the XTeam terms, No free user can host a Pro user.

Pro users get all spillover account upgrade bonus.

Going Pro early positions you to capture more of these spillovers.

The referral system uses a binary of 4 x 7 matrix.

Meaning you can have a maximum of 4 direct downlines.

Every user in the referral program has 1 – 7 generation of downlines.

Giving them total referral strength of 16,000+ downlines.

These downlines can be all spill to you.

Gen 1 have max 4 downlines.

Gen 2 has max 16 downlines

Gen 3 has max 64 downlines.

You can get each gen base by multiplying the upper gen total by 4.

The first Gen Downlines are referred as your direct downlines because they are the downlines that will see you as their sponsor.

You can get each gen base by multiplying the upper gen total by 4.

The first Gen Downlines are referred as your direct downlines because they are the downlines that will see you as their sponsor.

And they can be supplied through spillover or your direct effort.

*Direct referrals/downlines* are your referrals that joined Xera using your link.

You actually sponsored them into Xera.

But if you already have the *maximum of 4 downlines at your first Gen, they will be spilled to your weaker downlines.

*Xera reward you for every person you introduced to the platform.*

This payment is different from the *referral bonus.*

Free users only get the *Introducer bonus*….

The term direct referral bonus and Introducer Bonus are the same.

A free user gets a N1000 active earnings whenever a person he referred directly using his or her link goes Pro while if his or her downline also introduce people, the sponsor also earn N500 from the indirect downlines.

If 10 of the person you referred goes Pro, you can earn atleast N5,000 even if you Free user.

You earn when the accounts you referred goes Pro.

What is Xvotes

XVote is how Xera share all its proceeds.

Every income that comes into Xera from the eCommerce or Social media activities goes into a administrative unit called *XVotes.

For every transaction be it credit or debit on the platform, the XVotes grows.

Pro users have these XVotes freely given to them So that they can share the Xera revenue

The free xVotes given it gets smaller every time a new user joins.

*With the XVotes, your earnings grows realtime daily. Every single you will move towards the $5,000 milestone.*

Though you can get off the XVote early if a $1000 is enough to fix your immediate financial needs.

But note, once off, you can’t come in into the XVotes opportunity again.

*Every single financial action in Xera, grows the xVote.*

Because the community is jointly owned by pro members who joined early… Every profit is shared by them 80% – 20%.

The ability to share is determined by the number of xVotes you have.

There are 4 Major Part Of Xera

1. Profit Center
2. Xera Social
3. XMarket
4. XCity

The social networking aspect of Xera is what we call *Xera Social*

The eCommerce aspect is called *XMarket*

Profit Center is for earnings report

XCity is xera smart City Apps using IoT

Good News?

– Xera Social Is Out

– Xera Messenger for Video and Voice Calls Also Available

Different types of membership.

– Free user

– Feeder Pro – N2850

– Pro Verified – N5700

– XBusiness – N19000

XLeader -N38000

We are glad to say that today Xera has close to 900k members from these 11 countries

1. Nigeria
2. USA
3. Canada
4. UK
5. South Africa
6. China
7. India
8. Bangladesh
9. Pakistan
10. Ghana
11. Kenya

So how do you become a member.

Just register via this link: https://xeraglobal.com/?sponsor=Sunexx360

After your registration, kindly send a WhatsApp message to 08130197355 for guidelines on how to make quick cash in Xera.

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