Favourite Childhood Books And The Authors

There are some primary school moments that will remain evergreen in our memories.

We hope that every Millenial is familiar with at least two of these favourite childhood books below.

If you were born around the ’80s or ’90s, then this is for you.

1.  Sugar Girl

This book which was authored by the late Kola Onadipe is a story of a young girl, Ralia who mysteriously goes missing from home.

Ralia has quite the adventure with a reclusive witch and a hunter.

Fun Fact: Kola Onadipe studied Law at the University of London and had a law firm.

He later resigned from his law profession to dive into teaching.

The prolific author is a native of Ijebu-Ode and was happily married with fifteen children.


2. Eze Goes To School

This is one of the most popular and favourite childhood books in Nigeria!

Due to its popularity, it even had a sequel; Eze goes to college. Many boarding school students discover how to ‘iron’ their uniforms without an iron from this school.

Some of us even learned to close our mouths while coughing from this.

The author, Onuora Nzewku first co-authored this book with Michael Crowder in 1966. He further co-authored the sequel with the same author.

For six years, Onuora Nzekwu was the General Manager of the News Agency of Nigeria.


3. Chike And The River

Honestly speaking, this book is one of Chinua Achebe’s most underrated masterpieces.

The story follows the story of a young boy and his dream to cross the river Niger.

Chike and his honest friend S.M.O.G went on a journey to rescue his sixpence and finally crossed the River Niger!

Can you still recall the plot twist after he crossed the river and toured Asaba?

Well, Nelson Mandela was right when he said:

“There was a writer named Chinua Achebe, in whose company the prison walls fell down.”

Rest in Peace, Chinua!

4.  Without A Silver Spoon

The UK-based Nigeria author, Eddie Iroh did a good job here by taking us on a long journey with his book.

The story was about a young boy called Ure who was brought up by a poor but honest family.

For Ure to finance his education, he had to work as a houseboy for his teacher.

However, when it was getting closer to the last days of his primary schooling, he was accused of stealing.

It may interest you to know that Eddie Iroh, the author of this great school is a journalist and has numerous work history and experience with Nigeria’s biggest media houses such as Nigerian Television Authority, Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, and The Guardian Newspapers.

5.  The Drummer Boy

This author told the story of Akin who is a gifted blind drummer and singer. He usually moves from one place to another to entertain people with his performance.

Even though his performance brought joy to people, Akin was quite sad.

Fun fact: Cyprian Ekwensi wrote this novel based on the life of a Nigerian-born street singer, Benjamin Aderounmu popularly called ‘Kokoro’.

6.  One Week, One Trouble

When Anezi Okoro wrote this book, he meant to entertain readers.

The story also follows a young man named Wilson Tagbo who started his secondary education in a boarding school and earned fame for always getting into trouble.

The Writer, Anezi Okoro is the first black African dermatologist.

When Okoro was 92, he became one of the oldest writers in Nigeria.

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7.   Macmillian Primary English

We know this is not a storybook or novel but it is still one of the English books that hold our best reading memories.

At some point, millennials would come out to read from this book one after the other in the class.

What makes this book great was the fact that it has the best stories like Mr. Salami, Simbi, and Ali!

It’s definitely deserved to be on this list.

How many of these books did you actually read?







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