Federal Government Reveals How Boko Haram Can Be Stopped

 Federal Government Reveals How Boko Haram Can Be Stopped
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The Federal Government has finally revealed how the Insurgent popularly called Boko Haram can be stopped.

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Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed said that the rising of Boko Haram would only be reduced or stopped when Nigerians embrace Unity.

While addressing Press during the 70th Anniversary of Government College in Nasarawa on Saturday, The Minister said that If only Unity can be restored in this nation, Boko Haram will also reduce.

Recall that the Minister has earlier disclosed that the terrorists were focusing on Christians and their worship centres, not Muslims.

I believe Peace and Unity are what Nigerians are lacking since. If every Nigerian can embrace this, there won’t be a catastrophic disaster of killing innocent lives like animals.

If Unity can be restored back to this nation, there won’t be an incessant killing of Christians and other innocent lives.


My question is Now that the Minister has said that Boko Haram can only be reduced or stopped If everyone can embrace Unity, Do you think that’s the only way we can stop the insurgency attacks that has been tormenting the nation for many years?


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