You will agree with me that the slang ‘Idan’ has been trending on social media for some days now and many people keep wondering where the name was generated from.


Idan is simply a way of expressing admiration for something or a sign of dignity for wealthy personalities and performances.

Here are the five things to know about ‘Idan’

1. It is a Yoruba term that is used to indicate excellent and endearing qualities.

2. A quicker method of praising someone for a job well done.

3. The Yoruba people of Nigeria primarily utilize it.

4. It is applicable to both positive and negative viewpoints.

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5. Judging by social media usage, Idan might be used to describe a “boss” or someone with unusual skills.

Examples of the use of “Idan” on social media;

  • Regarding business, Aliko Dangote is a true Idan.
  • Idan withdraws money without waiting in lengthy lines at the ATM.
  • Despite not taking notes in class, an Idan student does well on tests.


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