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Here’s What You Should Know About Sex Before Dating Anyone

As a young man, you need to first understand the important things about sex before entering a relationship with any woman.

Most men just feel that sex is all women need in a relationship and the truth of the matter is that if you don’t understand your woman, you may continue to have issues or grudges with her.

One of the reasons why a relationship fails is because of a lack of understanding but you can get over it if you and your partner know some basic things about sex before starting to date.

To make things easy for you, we have compiled the things you should know about sex before dating anyone:

Here's What You Should Know About Sex Before Dating Anyone - consent is everything
1.    Consent Is Everything

If you have sex with a woman without her consent then it’s considered as rape act.

When she says no to sex, Please adhere to it and don’t force her to have sex with you.

This is because if you threaten her to say Yes to sex, it’s rape.

Getting consent shows respect for yourself and your partner.

It also terminates the right that one partner might have over the other.


Dating is not the same with permission for Sex

2.    Dating is not the same as permission for sex

Always have it at the back of your mind that not all relationships are sexual because some people may prefer to stay away from sexual relations until they are married.

So it is advisable you ask your partner before initiating the relationship especially if you are the type that loves sex so much.

If she agrees to be your girlfriend is not the same as being available for sex.

Let her be the first that will demand sex from you so that she won’t take you as someone who just wants to hit and run.



3.   You don’t need to date to get sex

To some men, they don’t need to date before getting or having sex because they believe it can be gotten outside a traditional relationship.

A traditional relationship is a system that involves both the male and female whereby the man acts as the dominant partner while the woman is more submissive.

So just dating may not necessarily guarantee sex and at the same time, sex can happen without dating.

So no need of pretending to date someone just to get sex with your partner.


Put your Woman First

4.   Put your Woman First

As a man, make sure to always put your woman first during the bedroom activity. If she is not satisfied and you are then you have not done it well in that session.

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Please be informed that putting her first does not mean that it has to be one-sided but putting her pleasure first is more essential in a relationship.

So, just try your best to always satisfy her every time she needs you.






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