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Here’s Why Easter Friday Is Called Good Friday

Easter is a special time set aside every year for Christians to celebrate the remembrance of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Friday before Easter Sunday is called Good Friday.

Beginning from the early days of Christianity, People observe this special day as a day of sorrow, a day of repentance and fasting.

But why is it called “Good Friday,” and not “sorrowful Friday”?

There are several beliefs that Jesus died on Friday but why then do they call the day “Good Friday”?

Despite it being a terrible day, it paved the way for the salvation of mankind as Jesus resurrected and came back to life two days later which was on Sunday.

Christians marked it as ‘Good’ as a symbol of victory of good over evil.

There is another belief that it originated from the term ‘God’s Friday.’

Others interpret ‘Good’ as ‘holy’ and therefore call it ‘Good Friday’.

Although Easter day can be seen as a day of sorrow for Christians, the weekend of Good Friday is the most important weekend for the history of Christianity.

Believers of this faith believe that the day Jesus Christ died for their sins, he was buried and he rose up on the third day as the conqueror of sin and death.

But if you are wondering if the same sentiment applies to Good Monday, the bible itself does not say anything about what happened on that day, after the resurrection of Jesus.

How are you celebrating Easter?






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