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How 17-year-old Nigerian Girl Set Her Boyfriend On Fire (Life Story)

Imagine that you were sleeping on your lover’s arms with a kiss and smile only for you to wake up and discovered that he or she has set you on fire.

This story is about Elvis Chindinma Omah, a medicine vendor in Makurdi, the state capital of Benue State, north-central Nigeria who was set on fire by his 17-year-old lover (Nigerian girl).

Elvis Chidinma Omah and the 17-year-old Nigerian girl have been lovers for more than two years.

Their love keeps growing as each day passes even to the extent that they had to take an Oath never to leave each other until death separates them.


However, the girl started to doubt the relationship when her close friends informed that her boyfriend has paid the bride price of another woman in their village.

Despite the fact that Omah (boyfriend) denied the allegation, the 17-year-old was not still okay with the explanation and her decision was just to end the relationship by setting his house on fire.

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The Fire that stopped the Flame of Love

About three years ago, Omah began dating the girl and the gist that we heard is that the young man was the first who deflowered her.

The 17-year-old girl told Police that the man had promised her that he would not have anything to do with any other lady other than her before they decided to take an Oath to seal it.

The Police Spokesman, Catherine Anene said that based on the questions that she was asked, she told them that their relationship has always been going smoothly before Omah decided to change his attitude towards her.

She later got pregnant for Elvis Chidinma Omah and things even become hard for her as her boyfriend began to sleep around with different ladies and at times he will come home late at night.

But for the sake of love she had for Omah and based on the assurance that they will marry, she decided to agree to everything he does.

After some times, she said Elvis told her to abort the first pregnancy then the second one and then the third one.

After the third pregnancy, she became furious and ended the relationship with Elvis Chidinma Omah.

Reports have it that the 17-year-old Nigerian girl has written JAMB in order to get admission to study at the University of her choice.

However, Omah came again and started begging her for forgiveness.

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She refused but after several pleading from Elvis, She agreed to come to visit him at his place.

Unknown to Elvis that when the girl comes to see him, her mission would be to set his house on fire.

The girl came with the fuel of 870 nairas and matchstick but hide them around his gate area.

The Deceit of a Kiss

The Deceit of a Kiss

Elvis Chidinma Omah just came back from their villa in Nsukka, Enugu State to start a business.

And the girl coming back to his house was like a returning joy for him but things were not the way we expected it to happen.

The girl even prepared nice food for them to eat and celebrate the welcome back and there was no sign of heartbroken from her.

The girl also told people that after the celebration, they even made love and slept off but at around 2 am on Monday, 11 January 2021, she started pouring fuel around in the entire room.

After that, she set the entire room on fire and ran to a nearby church.

The screaming of Omah woke his neighbour who quickly rushed to his vicinity to help him but by that time, the burns were just too much.

According to reports gathered by the Benue Police Command, Omah was rushed to Federal Medical Centre but on Tuesday, he was confirmed dead.

The Police has also confirmed that the 17-year-old girl is currently in their custody and they will charge her to court once the investigation is completed.

We also learnt that the number of lovers that have burned themselves in Benue has increased.


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