How Cow Meat Remains Taboo In This Nigerian Community For The Sake of Herdsmen AttacksPIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

According to what we heard, Selling and eating cow meat is now a “Taboo” for Uwheru Kingdom in Southern Nigeria. This law took effect starting from Saturday 22nd of Feburary, 2020.

Uwheru Kingdom is a village in Ughelli North Local Government Area of the oil-rich Delta State. So in this community, it’s no funny or normal to eat Suya, Kilishi or beef as food.

Leaders of the community say the law was put into place due to the clash between herdsmen and farmers that happened in the community.

“The reason is because human beings were reportedly murdered because of cows.”

That’s what the state Commissioner for higher Education, Prof. Patrick Muoboghare who attended the meeting told BBC.

As at that time, Mr Muoboghare said the law on banning of cow meat was just partial but will continue to remain like that forever.

Just recently, BBC tried to check on the community to see whether indigenes are still obeying the law.

This comes after one year and six months that they banned the selling and eating of Cow meat.

Are Uwheru Kingdom Indigenes Still Obeying The Law After More Than One Year of Banning of Cows ?

Dr Ochuko Nabofa who happens to be an indidene of Uwheru Kingdom told BBC that his household are still obeying the law as far as he is concerned but some households have broken that.

“Well information reaching me says some persons have broken the law but those of us who are not living inside the village are still obey the law.”

“For instance me and my household and other household of Uwheru indigene are not eating cow meat because it’s a taboo to us,” Ochuko said.

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He also said inside the village, they are some persons who still trade on cow meat and those people still find their way to village just to sell cow meat but most people do not eat such.

How Cow Meat Remains Taboo In This Nigerian Community For The Sake of Herdsmen Attacks

“Although some people still buy or eat cow meat but not everyone because most people in the village are no longer eatng it again.”

Concerning why some people are not obeyng the law again, Ochuko Nabofa said it’s because of religion and others.

“The problem of Uwheru Village these days is mainly because of Christianity and other things as they no longer follow the Taboo as before.”

“For the period that they first put the law, people did burials, marriages and nobody kill cow during that time, they all obeyed the law.”

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However, they killed other animals and used fish as Uwheru Kingdom is a fishing community.

About some weeks ago, Miyetti Allah of the Cattle Breeders Association said that one cow could cost like two million naira for the sake of the ban on open grazing that some states in Nigeria have put into place.

Maikudi Usman who is the group Zonal secretary in South-West raised this alarm in Lagos State House of Assembly public hearing on anti-open grazing bill.

This anti-open grazing bill comes for the sake of clashes that happened between farmers and herdsmen and to prevent destruction of crop farms, community ponds, settlement and property.

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