Success is not always externally obvious – it may be just a feeling inside you or a spark in your eyes.

Those who succeed in life are those who recognize early that success is a state of mind and has nothing to do with their current level of financial assets.


Success comes in direct proportion to a person’s ability to recognize this, and the willingness to pay the price.

The key here is: Don’t get frustrated and give up. Success needs constant attention for it to materialize. Simply do your homework, and spend time and creative energy trying to prove your point.


However, failure is not evitable. So even when you fail, understand that failure is there to make us better, wiser, smarter, more cautious, or even more adventurous.

Be realistic about your failures and you will see that it is not a pointer to give up but a tremendous opportunity.

Failure gives you the information you need to do better. The great minds and scientists of history often spend most of their lives failing and being rejected.

Yet their ability to remain committed to learning from their failures has created their success story. The discomfort of failure and desperate times – the dry mouth, anxiety, knot in the stomach – is our motivation to accept and embrace change.

Stepping out of our comfort zone to deal with a problem is an important step to success.

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