How To Be Financially Stable (Rich) And Happy

 How To Be Financially Stable (Rich) And Happy
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Below article explains how to be financially stable (rich) and Happy.


Let me start with what my mentor Robert Kiyosaki said, ”

I keep hearing, I would rather be happy than rich. Why not be both?”

From his words I compiled *10 tips* that can help you to be rich and happy. These are based on what I know as a practical entrepreneur, what I heard, read and watch before, am sure these are not new to many of us. Therefore am urging you to practice them because they are life changing tips.

Remember they are not solely my own writing so don’t undervalue them because you know me personally. The tips below they have worked with me and others before and am sure they can help you too.

1. Put God First(meditation, prayer life etc)

2. Work hard

3. Don’t follow shortcuts – easy money

4. If you are joining politics and your core purpose is to develop your community, please don’t. You can do this without being a politician.

5. Work for yourself

6. Do what you love to do.

7. Believe in yourself and your dream.

8. Marry when ready and don’t have many children beyond your capacity.

9. Set boundaries – try not to please everyone around you in life.

10. Keep improving yourself in any field – keep on learning read and read the right books.


Akinseye Sunday

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