Nigerian Graduate

It’s no doubt that getting a job as a Nigerian graduate with a second class lower (2.2) or 3rd class grade point is very hard.

Nigerian Graduate

The major reason for unemployment in Nigeria is due to the increasing population and degree mentality. As a matter, Many companies now prefer to employ a Nigerian graduate with a first-class or second class upper (2.1) to a 3rd class counterpart.

 You will agree with me that most job openings in Nigeria usually demand that candidate or applicant should have possessed at least a second class upper before applying for jobs.

This issue is now frustrating graduates with lower class grade and keeps getting more worse daily. Even the First class or second graduates are finding it hard to get jobs in Nigeria.

In this article, I will be dishing out tips on how to get a good job as a Nigerian Graduate with 2.2 or 3rd class grade.

Here are things you can do to increase the chance of getting jobs as a Nigerian graduate with a 2.2 or 3rd class grade.


thinking mentality

Change Your thinking mentality

I want you to know that graduating with 2.2 or 3rd class in Nigeria is not the end of your life. You can graduate with lower grade and still get a good job in Nigeria or become successful in life than those who finished with higher grade (second class or first class)

 I have seen graduates who did not graduate with second class or first class and still get good jobs, Some didn’t even attend a university or Polytechnic and still became successful in Life.

 Never allow university or polytechnic grade written on a piece of paper that affect your life.


Nigerian Graduate - Discover yourself

Discover yourself

Some Graduates who finished with lower grade could have as a result of their Lecturers who failed them while some graduates might have failed a specific course.

 Whatever the case may be, you need to focus on what you love doing because everyone is embedded with a unique talent. Lay emphasis on them when applying for jobs.


Communication skill

Boost your confidence and communication skills

Most Companies in Nigeria are in high demand for graduates who have confidence and communication skill but only a few possess such skills.

Some graduates even have something to sell but because of lack of confidence and communication, they can’t market their products or services but you as a 3rd class can get a job and probably even sell yourself if you have marketing and confidence skills so you should consider taking an online course ( or go for physical training to boost your skills.

Add professional skill or certification to your degree

Professional skill or certification is a bit similar to confidence and Communication skill because most job postings now request for such before you apply to jobs.

So you should have professional certification because it increases the chance of getting a job as a Nigerian graduate with 3rd class or 2.2 grade.

I have seen 3rd class and 2.2 graduates who were employed all because they have professional certification.

You can take certification training that Is similar to your discipline and I bet you, Employers will be impressed seeing that on your CV.

You can also learn an ICT Skill like web designing, data management, digital marketing because they are hot demand in labour market.


Gain the experience 

Gain the experience

This is where some graduates get it wrong because most believe that they are still fresh graduate.

Yes, you are still a fresh graduate but some jobs of lower pay can get you an experience that will prepare you for bigger jobs so you should never ignore such.

More understandably, If you see a job of 35k or lower, try to apply for such because it will boost your experience which will thereby increase the chance of getting a bigger job of 80k and above.


Be Active on Social Media - Nigerian Graduate

Be Active on Social Media

If you don’t have Linkedin or Twitter account, I will advise you to rush and register because the advantages of social media are unlimited.

I am sure mostly all the graduates have Facebook and Instagram account but if you want to get fresh job posting, you need to be on Twitter and Linkedin.

Many graduates have gotten a job just by applying via social media platforms.

 Some popular Job posting platforms on Twitter are Career and while on Linkedin, You will see Job posting menu or category as soon as you register a LinkedIn account.


Pray to God

Pray to God for his grace

I believe you know that without prayers or God Intervention, getting jobs won’t be possible so you should always put God in everything you do.

Some graduates have gotten jobs where they don’t know the employer or even have a connection.

Grace can qualify you for the big jobs even without begging someone to connect you to a job employer.

Always pray for divine intervention before applying for Jobs and God will surely bless you with one that will make you happy.

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