How To Improve Your Memory and Remember Things Faster

It is a common truth that not everyone in this world has a great memory. Many of us even find hard remembering not just specific facts but also basic information such as pattern, shape, people’s names and birthdays, shopping list and directions.

Without further ado, here are 5 ways to improve your memory and remember things faster.

1. Engage Your Memory

This tip seems like a known one but it actually works. Memory works better and faster when it is constantly used.

Don’t rely much on your notes but your memory, both in your professional life and daily routine.

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Let’s make it easy for you to get – for example, you can try to memorize as many products or items on your shopping list.

The thing is, the more you use your memory for more challenging tasks, the more wonder it does for you.

How To Improve Your Memory and Remember Things Faster

2. Learn New Thing

This method is related to the first one. but it’s more about learning new things like acquiring knowledge rather than mundane daily tasks.

As people grow older, they tend to reduce their learning process but if you actually want your memory to work faster, learning new things should become your daily task.

Learning new languages is one of the most effective and easiest ways to improve your memory. Luckily enough, there are great apps such as Duolingo that will help you learn any language of your choice.

Duolingo can be downloaded to your phone via Playstore for android users.

Also, learning new dance moves is also helps to improve your memory.

3.  Move your body more

Nowadays, some of us tend not to move nearly as much as we need to. If you are working in an office where you spend at least 8 hours in one position and you hardly engage your body, your memory will suffer as much as your physical condition.

Doing physical activity of just 20 – 30 minutes boosts your memory and cognitive functions, thus encouraging your brain to develop neural connections faster.

It doesn’t have to be a gym workout or something serious – dancing to your favourite music for few minutes also helps too.

How To Improve Your Memory and Remember Things Faster

4.  Break The Information 

Generally, remembering a large amount of information can be difficult and demanding when you’ve had little or no practice memorizing things lately.

This can even become more difficult when you are trying to memorize something other than text, where words can assist you to produce individual connections and burn into your memory faster.

If you are in a situation where you have to remember a major piece of information that doesn’t really have mental images that can act as a clue, it will be wise to break it down into small pieces and go on by one, repeating the sequence from beginning each time you memorize a new fragment.

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5. Talk to other people

Talking to other people can boost your morale as well as your brain’s function to work as expected.

You might have known that people are mostly groped into introverts and extroverts. You probably have a strong opinion about the group you belong to.

For extroverts, in particular, talking to other people is key for developing a better memory, although it is also the same for introverts.

However, there is one main difference you should know about the groups. Introverts perform better when they surround themselves with people from their social circle but extroverts can effectively communicate with different kinds of people and their memory only wins from that.


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