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If you have been conversant with E-commerce websites like Jumia, Konga, Amazon and others then Xera portal is just like them.

Xera - Akinblog

What is Xera Portal

Xera Portal is a new pre-launch community-driven local social commerce platform created and managed through a network of leaders and pro-member. It is actually built for people buying goods and services and also makes them buy at a discount.

According to the Founders, It is our attempt to build a platform like Amazon and Facebook together. this type of platform is called social commerce.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy from being a member of Xera include, Shop highly rated, discounted products online, connect with local people, businesses and see what’s happening in your city or town.

Here are more opportunities to make over $20,000 from a single pro membership account:

  • Sign up Early and Be On Top of the Chain

By default, every registered user is sponsored by the next available pro-member yet to have the 4 maximum direct referrals through a spillover algorithm.

If you signup early, your account will get to the maximum earning capacity of $20,000 faster than accounts at the bottom of the chain.

Is Xera Portal another Networking Marketing 

Xera is not another networking marketing but a social commerce platform which makes it easy for its member to buy and sell and still meet new people. Decision making, income generation and membership growth is designed to flow through members.  Every member has a leader!

You Don’t Need To Sell Products

Xera is a jumbo social marketplace for general products at very reduced prices (Mouth-watering Discount) using the economies of scale.

Every product sold or bought earns the sponsors a commission.

How Does The Xera Profit Program work

You can earn as much as ₦10,922,087 from the Xera profit program by simply referring users. The system uses a spillover algorithm that evenly distributes downlines across your team network. You can add or remove inactive downlines from your list.

Xera rewards all pro-members who refer people to join the network. It uses a binary system that rewards you for every new activated signups and product sold through your team network or downlines.

The binary has a width 4 and it is 7 generation deep. You earn from all your downlines 7 generation deep and you can refer as many direct downlines as possible and get rewarded. All downlines outside the maximum 4 direct referrals are spill over to your downlines who are yet to fill in their maximum 4 direct referrals.

You earn cash rewards whenever a successful event takes place within your network. You earn a cash bonus for every new downline added to your network till 7 generation. You also get percentage commission whenever any of your downlines buy products or services on Xera.

Xera Binary Program

The Xera uses a 4 x 7 binary system. You have a maximum 4 direct referrals and you earn commissions into 7 generations.

Note that these projections are for persons who joined the network early. It is for who succeeded in signing up within the first 3 generations of the master account.

Your referral cash reward accumulation grows through 7 cycles as outlined below:

Levels Downlines Cash Reward
JADE 4 ₦2,000
PEARL 16 ₦8,000
SAPPHIRE 64 ₦32,000
RUBY 256 ₦128,001
EMERALD 1,024 ₦512,004
DIAMOND 4,096 ₦2,048,016
DIRECTOR 16,384 ₦8,192,066
21,844 ₦10,922,087


Here is the Secret of Making Millions of Naira On Xera Portal

The system actually requires that members sponsor other 4 members into the network but because every new member must sign up with a sponsor. The system automatically gives the new downlines to an old sponsor.

You are not really required to refer to new member because every registered member by default is under somebody (Sponsor) and that somebody gets paid for it without having to refer the members.

When you sign up on  Xera, you will automatically be placed under somebody you probably don’t know. Technically, they are not merged to you because they are simply under your leadership and each of their sales and businesses on the platform earns you commissions.

The idea is novel and will spiral signups but the network capability of the platform will never be marketed.

What Is The Minimum Amount You Can Withdraw on Xera

Before you can request for withdrawal, you must have a minimum earning of N5,000

Is referral a must on Xera 

Like I said at the beginning, You don’t need to refer but if you want to make millions of naira on Xera as an early bird then you need to refer your friends and families to join through your referral link.

How Much Can I Earn Through Referral on Xera 

You earn N1,000 for each person that signups via your referral link but N500 for any person the system gives to you.

You earn faster if the efforts are yours and this opportunity right here is for early signups and membership drive before the real launch of Xera.

Note: People can always grow their Xteam anytime just as the system also gives them new signups.

So here is what every member needs to know:

A simple post, comment or purchase of phone, clothing or even paying DSTV bills or recharge of airtime will automatically credit you.

No Fee required to take up your position.

Another amazing thing is that anyone in the world can register which means that you can even earn more.

How Can I Register on Xera

To register on Xera, all you need is to visit Xera Portal Here

If you have issues while registering on Xera, Kindly drop your comment below or you can send your message privately via this Whatsapp number 08130197355.










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    1. I like this platform really, but I only want to know how to withdraw my money because my downlines are active and they are still asking me they want to withdraw something to encourage them, please let us know we hustle for a purpose and by courage.
      Kindly help me to know how to withdraw please.
      Thank you.

  1. Thanks for the insight.. Has anyone withdraw because I can’t see any credit alert or evidence of withdrawal?

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