How To Start An Egg Supply Business In Nigeria

 How To Start An Egg Supply Business In Nigeria
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Egg supply business in Nigeria is becoming a high demand business because of the fastest way of getting quick profit.

Egg Supply Business

Egg supply business which is otherwise known as egg distribution business involves the sourcing and supply of eggs to individuals, supermarkets, hotels and other open places.

One can completely rely on this business to take care of bills.

Below are the steps to start the egg supply business:

Locate a reliable poultry farm that produces eggs in large quantities

The first step is to locate a dependable poultry farm that can easily supply you large quantities of eggs anytime you need it. Make sure you locate a well-organized farm. You should be connected to more than one farm. Have at least two to avoid scarcity.

Speak with them and have an agreement on prices and all details necessary.

Acquire a car

Transporting eggs from one place to another in large quantity require you have a car. It can be an old car but movable. You could also work out a rental agreement with someone with a car or bus whenever you have supply to make.

It is not advisable to use public transportation to move your eggs. Because eggs are very sensitive and could break when not handle with care.

Set up a storage facility

You may need to set up an adequate storage facility for the eggs. Once you move them from the farm, a place you keep them for distribution. Where customers can come and pick up.

Acquire tools

Once you have a place ready. You will need to acquire tools that will help you run your egg supply business. The most important tool are crates where you keep the egg. It is very important and essential. Without it the eggs might break and you lose.

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Identify and reach out to your target market

You will need to locate your target market where you are and each out to them. This is where your business will thrive. Depending on where you are, you should be looking at: Hotels, shops, schools, restaurants, industries that make use of egg, gyms and more.

Get to meet them, introduce yourself and tell them about your business.

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