People may likely stop using Whatsapp messenger and switch to Signal messaging app after their (Whatsapp) new privacy policy says that all users information will now be shared to Facebook.

How To Use Signal Messaging App That Is Likely To Replace Whatsapp Messenger Soon

The Whatsapp Messenger new privacy policy which will be starting from February 8 says, any user who doesn’t agree to the new terms and conditions will not have access to the app.

The Facebook-owned messaging service has now received a lot of backlashes from people across the people after they informed over 2 billion users that they must agree to share their personal data information with the social network in order to keep using the service.

This data information includes phone numbers, IP addresses, browser information, battery level and more.

However many alternative messaging apps have started trending as this announcement didn’t go well with most Whatsapp users.

Some of the top messaging apps suggested includes, Telegram, Skype, Signal.

However, Signal messaging app remains a suitable app after the World Richest person, Elon Musk and Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey advised people to switch to the messaging app.

We learnt that “Signal” gain popularity after Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey retweeted a Twitter post from the messaging app handle.

How To Use Signal Messaging App That Is Likely To Replace Whatsapp Messenger Soon

What Is This Signal messaging App all about?

The signal messaging app is a typical one-tap install app that works just like WhatsApp.

You can download it via the Android play store and Apple IOS store.

Signal allows user to send end-to-end encrypted group, message, photos as well as audio and video files.

The messaging app also allows for encrypted audio and video calls.

How to download Signal messaging app?

Launch Apple app store or Google Play store on your mobile device.

For Android Users:

Search for Signal app and download it.

After you have downloaded it, Install and launch the app to enjoy it.

For iPhone Users:

iPhone users will click on ‘Get’ to download the app.

After the downloading of the app is complete, open it and enter your details.

One of the details you will input is your phone number, just like the way you registered for Whatsapp messenger.

iPhone users will need to select ‘Activate this device’ and they will need to enter the six-digit code that the app will send to you via text message.

Once you verify the code, you will then click on Submit.

Alternatively, Users can manually verify the code or allow the Signal app to copy it automatically.

If you want to allow Notification, Signal will request permission from you first.

Inside the app, you will be required to set your profile pictures and names.

Signal Work Like Whatsapp?

Signal Work Like Whatsapp?

Just the way you use Whatsapp, Signal apps can also be used on devices like Andriod, iOS, iPad, Mac, Windows or Linux.

The signal is free to download and Install just like every other messaging apps.

Signal support Group features with a maximum of 150 members. They recently introduced Group video calls as one of their features.

The app also supports regular video and audio calls (end-to-end encryption).

The signal app can allow you to turn on disappearing messages which means that you can decide to allow your message to disappear within five seconds as much as possible.

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There is one great feature called Message Requests, what this means is that you have the choice to delete, block or accept messages from an unknown person.

The signal app makes it possible for you to react to any message with emojis. You also have the option to or not allow a user to take your chat screenshots.

To add anyone to a group, the individual will be required to accept a group invitation, unlike Whatsapp where someone you don’t even know can just add you up to an unknown group.

The storage management of the app is also good just like Whatsapp.

You can even clear messages, remove videos or images and check different files for the storage management tool.

No third-party or signal app can read your messages because of this embedded end-to-end encryption.

The signal doesn’t support third-party backups which means that all the data information remain saved or stored locally on your phone storage and if you lost access to your phone and you tried to set up Signal on another phone, be informed that your previous chat history will be lost.






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