How VSKIT Has Become The Biggest Short Video App In Africa (Must Read)

Short video application, Vskit has revealed plans to increase her involvement with the Nigerian Entertainment Industry. The buzzing app that started business in Nigeria in 2018 can boast of the immense supports it has received from top artistes, comedians, talents, and brands. 

How VSKIT Has Become The Biggest Short Video App In Africa (Must Read)
From the left behind, Abimbola Kayode-Badmus, PR/Marketing Manager, Right, Godswill Okwuchi, Business Development Manager, and in front, Ajiri Agborua, Country Manager Nigeria

Vskit Country Manager, Nigeria, Ajiri Agborua disclosed that the app intends to intensify its plans to utilize her relationship with the players in

the Nigerian Entertainment Industry, thereby increasing Nigeria’s stake in the African Digital Footprint. 

“We believe strongly in the African dream, hence our reason for being African Centric. There are millions of amazing talents Nigeria alone has provided over the years and we cannot but acknowledge their hard work as a brand” Agborua said. 

While Vskit has a very strong presence in Nigeria, other African countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Cote d’Ivoire are benefitting from the global yet local vibes the contents on Vskit comes with. 

A direct result of our userbase growth is a major increase in brand utilization. Vskit has worked with many brands over the years, including TECNO, Infinix, Softcare, itel, Oraimo, Boomplay, among others.

Some of the viral challenges that has rocked the Vskit airwaves are #itelSparkleWithP36 #PLrestart #iMuah #PalmPayLoveVibes #OraimoGbeduKing #GiveMe5 #InfinixBlowMyMind #BiggerBetter #MyPassionForInfinix #TECNOPhantom9Style #OraimoGrooveAtHome to mention a few.

The brand keeps fostering a sense of community through engaging contents, viral challenges, and reward packages for the growth of her users.  It is not hard to believe that over 30 phones have been won by Vskit talents alone, just by actively using the app daily.

Not too long ago, 7 people were rewarded with one million Naira, and 2 of the 7 were Vskit talents. The fact that brands approach the short video app for a chance to run a campaign, gives Vskit users an advantage and first-hand information on how to emerge winners. 

The app has produced amazing talents over the years, ranging from Miss Berry, Domino King, Peter Odeh, and the recently much talked about Neyorla. Neyorla’s involvement with ace record label Aristocrat and Boomplay a music streaming and download platform has further proven the extent of the opportunities Vskit gives Nigerian Rising Stars. 

Worthy of note is also the fact that professionals are changing the stereotypes of them being rigid. A widely known professional on Vskit, Dr Adenipoko Ejiro joined the Vskit family in 2019 through one of her professional friends. She added that her reasons for being on Vskit is to put smiles on people’s faces while paying attention to her mental health. 

“My workload does not avail me the time to engage in physical fun activities, hence the reason I choose to spend as much time as I do on social media. How I have been able to combine being a doctor and creating content is basically Time Management. I spend my leisure making contents as that makes me happy”.

Ensuring the growth of the country is also some of the reasons for its existence. In her yearnings to fulfil part of the Developmental Goals, Vskit constantly engages in Corporate Social Responsibilities with the most recent being a collaboration with phone producing company, itel. Tons of amazing gifts were given to students of the Leap of Dance Academy. 

Although Nigerians are very hard-working people, Vskit is here to maintain the social vibes the buzzing country is known to pride in.


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