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How We Secured The Release Of Kankara Schoolboys From Bandits – Masari

The Governor of Katsina State, Aminu Masari has claimed that there was no ransom paid to the Armed Bandits before the Kankara schoolboys were released from their custody last night.

Kankara schoolboys - Katsina

Recall that on December 11 2020, the report has it that armed bandit invaded the Kankara government school to abduct over 300 schoolboys.

A few days after, Boko Haram in a viral video claimed responsibility of the abduction of the students and urged the Nigerian Government to meet up with their demand.

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Just yesterday morning, another video which was released by the kidnappers captured some of the abducted students who advised Government to do what their kidnappers demanded them to do.

Kankara schoolboys

Hours after the news of their release was confirmed by the Katsina State Government, concerned Nigerians took to social media to react to it.

In an interview with DWTV Hausa on Thursday night, Masari revealed that the schoolboys are currently being transported to Katsina as the time of the report.

He also said that no ransom was paid to the armed bandit but they had pure negotiation with them.

It was not clear what kind of negotiation he meant but the good news is that they have been released by the Bandits.

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The report has now confirmed that the 344 schoolboys that were abducted by the bandits have arrived Katsina State.

See their photo below:

Katsina State

Kankara schoolgirls Boko Haram freed Katsina students Students from Kankara school










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