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Hungry Police Came to Attack Us For Protesting Peacefully At Ikeja Secretariat – Man Recounts

A video which has gone viral shows A man who recounted how hungry Police came to attack them for protesting peacefully at Ikeja Secretariat.

Ikeja Secretariat

According to the Nigerian man, Police attack them and also collected N30,000 from him.

He further said that the police also threatened to destroy his family since the ends protesters were responsible for burning Several of their Police Stations.

The young man whose name is yet to be identified vowed never to stop protesting against the Police Brutality because he believed that he could have died from this cause so no losing of focus.

Watch the viral video below:

It was not clear when this incident happened because he didn’t reveal the exact date.

It can be recalled that the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Adamu has directed the Nigerian Police force and other security personnel to use direct force to attack any riotic elements.

We could not confirm if the incident that happened to the embattled young man was before or after the official announcement.

Fellow Nigerian youths, Pls stay safe!

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