Yomi Fabiyi made his search for a new bride to the multitude after the back-and-forth public disagreement with the mother of his child.

The actor stated that whoever has a spare girlfriend shouldn’t worry about whatever her past is as he doesn’t care because he believes change is a constant thing.

“I am single and ready to mingle.

Who has a girlfriend they are not using or don’t know her value, ha ha ha.

Don’t worry, whatever you know is HER PAST with you. Change is the only constant thing, I DON’T KNOW THESE PASTS, YOU DO. I will see a new lady. Caveat! YF”

Yomi Fabiyi also added that his fans can tag that babe anyone is no longer interested in or appreciates and he wants to date a lady in the industry if possible.

He wrote:

“YA NAH. Tag that babe you don’t love again or appreciate, I don’t mind but must be ready to be in the industry if possible. Doubt if I can chase babe busy in an industry I am not so familiar oh. I don’t even know how to toast again.”

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