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“I am Tired of Being Lonely” -56-Year-Old Virgin Cries out, Says She Needs a Husband [VIDEO]

A 56-year-old virgin identified as Alvera Uwitonze has lamented the difficulty of finding a husband.

“I am Tired of Being Lonely” -56-Year-Old Virgin Cries out, Says She Needs a Husband [VIDEO]

In an interview with Afrimax, Alvera revealed she had suitors when she was younger but turned all of them down and now regrets that decision.

In her words: “They used to come here and ask if they could marry me and I refused them all. I was afraid a man would come and get me pregnant them leave me and the child for someone else.”

The woman lamented that her physical challenge has made matters worse as men prefer normal or younger ladies. She recalled a particular man who consented to marry her but offered a condition that needed to be met.

The man wanted N80k payment in return for marriage to her.

Some Reactions culled below:

Gutchie Spencer said: “She seems like a sensible woman, she knows that she shouldn’t pay a man to marry her but her reason is she’s getting old and she needs someone around to help her since she’s disabled, she needs someone to call family……I’m ready to help her with a wheelchair but I’m not sure who to trust these days, I don’t know what to do about this but I feel moved to do something….

Ebony Queen Mathew said: “He must be a greedy heartless jobless useless man who want to scam her and run away how can a healty reap off a disabled woman he is a scam mot genuine love conditioner love let him go.”

The disabled woman stated that she wasn’t born bent. It happened that Alvera fell ill when she was younger and was taken to a witch doctor for treatment by her parents instead of a hospital.


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