While food is good and natural food is even better, some food items have been proven to not be very healthy for humans.

Some of these foods or their parts have been considered as outright poisonous to the human body.

Here are 5 foods you didn’t know contain Toxic Elements:


Royal Gala apples in a pile. All of the apples are red with a slight yellow hue to them. Several apples sit at an angle or on their side, while others sit perfectly straight. There almost forty apples in view.


Apples of whatever variant are healthy and tasty to eat.

However, it has been proven that the seeds contain traces of a poisonous substance known as cyanide which can cause respiratory problems and death.

Luckily, there is a coating around the poisonous substance and so swallowing does not pose much of a worry.


Pumpkin - If You Want To live Long, Please Be Careful Of These 5 Foods


Pumpkin leaves also known as Ugwu used in the south of Nigeria is a staple vegetable known as being a blood supplement.

One part of the crop that should not be eaten is the root.

This is because the roots of the Ugwu contain a very poisonous substance that proves fatal when eaten.

If You Want To live Long, Please Be Careful Of These 5 Foods - Nutmeg


Eaten in small quantities, Nutmeg is very healthy flavouring to foods.

However, it loses its health benefits when consumed in excess because of an oily substance in it called Myristicin that is the potential of causing Hallucinations, drowsiness, dizziness and seizures.


If You Want To live Long, Please Be Careful Of These 5 Foods - Potato


The roots of tubers contain a poisonous substance called Glycoalkaloid that can cause nausea, diarrhoea, confusion, headaches and ultimately death when eaten.

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If You Want To live Long, Please Be Careful Of These 5 Foods - mushrooms

Two wild varieties of mushroom called Amanita Phalloides and Amanita Virosa can cause severe problems to the body such as Abdominal pain, liver failure and death when eaten.

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