PastIf Your Wife Is Not Beautiful, It’s Your Fault – Pastor Kumuyior Kumuyi

Pastor kumuyi, who is well-known for addressing infidelity in marriages has come out this time to hit the nail at the very head.

His message this time is directed to every married man, saying if your WIFE is not BEAUTIFUL, it’s your fault.

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Pastor Kumuyi went further to buttress his points with in-depth analysis.

The reason because most husbands (guys) compare their wives with other ladies, is because most times they see their wives at the wrong times while they see those other ladies at the right time. He said, most times Husbands see their wives when they are stressed up in kitchen, in the morning when they just woke up with stinking mouth and unkempt hair etc. However, they see those other ladies only in their best moments, when they dress to kill, with full make-up, bathed with expensive perfume, etc.

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