Vehicle documents required to drive a car in nigeria

Generally, it is not the duty of a Police officer to ask for vehicle particulars in Nigeria but it still doesn’t stop the fact that they still do that.

For you to avoid any Police trouble or harassment, make sure you have these 6 important vehicle documents in Nigeria.

1.   Valid Driver’s License

Getting a valid driver’s license from the FRSC or VIS implies that you must have passed the vehicle requirements and have been mentally fit and physically stable to be able to drive anywhere in Nigeria.

Please be informed that you must be at least 18-year-old before you can qualify to be issued with a Valid Driver’s License.

2.   Certificate of Roadworthiness

Having this certificate of Roadworthiness means that your vehicle has passed the requirements to be on roads with respect to safety and all its measures.

Before one can get the important document, an inspection must be done on your vehicle by Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIOs) to prove that.

So it is advisable that your vehicle must be in good shape in order to escape the difficulty.

3.    Insurance Certificate

Insurance provides protection against a possible eventuality, so with this document, your vehicle benefits from financial protection against physical damage and other similar injury arising from traffic collisions and against liability that could also occur at any time.


4.    Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Registration is one of the vehicle documents that is very important because it shows that a car has been certified under Nigeria Law which also complies with the other regulations protecting this act.

6 Important Vehicle Documents That Will Save You From Police Trouble In Nigeria
5.   Proof of Ownership Certificate 

This clearly serves as evidence or proof that you own the vehicle and can be issued by the Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO).

6.    Hackney Permit In Nigeria

This document may be new to some drivers because not everyone has that but if you want to be free of police trouble or harassment or perhaps you want to be able to drive freely on Nigerian roads then you need a Hackney Permit.

The hackney permit in Nigeria is simply a license for vehicles below a certain weight category to carry goods within a state.

Luckily the hackney permit in Nigeria can be gotten easily at the point of registering your vehicle and does not really demand any form of inspection whatsoever.

Which of these vehicle documents in Nigeria are you missing?


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