Is Drinking Cold Water Good For Your Body? See What Science Revealed

People have different opinions about drinking ice-cold water. Some even have a belief that drinking cold water is dangerous for digestion and can cause mucus build-up.

While others claim that cold water will make people burn more calories and it also helps when doing engaging yourself in exercise.

So What Is The Truth About Drinking Cold Water?

Is it scientifically okay to enjoy one cup of ice-cold water when the weather is hot?

Yes, it is because scientific evidence didn’t reveal that cold water is bad for people.

But the one major effect of drinking ice cold water is – for hydration reason.

Why Drinking Cold Water Will Help With Hydration

Why Drinking Cold Water Will Help With Hydration

One thing you first need to know is that drinking water at any temperature will help the body become hydrated.

In a layman, Hydration is simply the process of refilling something or somebody with water.

To stay hydrated is very vital as it helps to regulate the body temperature.

Hydration enhances the organs to function well, deliver nutrients to the body cells. It has the tendency to prevent infections, according to Harvard Health.

Read What Science Said about Drinking

Drinking Cold Water Is Good For the Body? Read What Science Said Below

Like we earlier said in the beginning, drinking water at any temperature helps the body with hydration.

However, cold water has proven scientifically to be better than normal or warm water in terms of rehydration benefits.

A study conducted by the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine shows six different male athletes on this matter.

All of them consumed water for different temperatures and they noticed that drinking water at 16 degrees Celsius (~60 degrees Fahrenheit) with a higher intake of water resulted in less sweating.

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This means that it’s better than when they compare it with others. The study also concluded that cold tap water can be the ultimate temperature for rehydration purposes, especially for athletes who do work out under heat.

Another study conducted by the Human Kinetics Journal found that a 10-minute cold shower after 20 minutes exercise session can help with hydration status.

In addition, a 10-minute cold shower (also known as “cold water therapy”) has proven to help with muscle recovery for athletes.

Despite the numerous benefit of drinking cold water, some wellness experts still believe that it is not too good for the body.

But Scientists debunked those claims, saying the theories are very wrong.


The Myths Surrounding Drinking Cold Water

The Myths Surrounding Cold Water Consumption

Based on ayurvedic medicinal practices, drinking ice cold water is bad for the body’s overall digestion.

The claim further revealed that drinking cold water can tighten the blood vessels, which won’t permit the body to take some kinds of nutrients, vitamins, and food.

Drinking warm water is a cultural practice for many, where they believe that warm water boosts the digestion process.

Some hold this claim to western medicine and point to one study for General Pharmacology from 1983.

The study also explained how cold affects the blood vessel wall and evaluates blood flow and body temperatures for dogs.

Well, it’s actually true that cold weather can affect the circulatory system, this study didn’t focus on how drinking ice cold water can directly affect the blood vessels.

Even though the blood vessels play important role in digestion, enough scientific evidence is yet to confirm the claim that “Drinking cold water can reduce your body digestion rate.”

Another common misconception about drinking ice cold water is that it causes mucus build-up.

This claim is from a 1978 study from CHEST Journal that measured nasal mucus velocity and nasal airflow resistance.

It was discovered that hot liquid is more superior to cold liquids when it comes to managing nasal bodily fluids.

However, it’s important to also take note that this particular study is now archived from the US National Library of Medicine.

The Myths Surrounding Cold Water

But the study is no longer available for review via CHEST Journal online.

Lastly, one claim says cold water consumption can make you get hungry quickly. This claim started from one 2005 study at the University of Florida.

The study also compared the difference in people who have an appetite and do exercise with cold water versus warm water and concluded that those who do exercise in cold water can have “exaggerated energy” intake after the activity.

This can make them feel very hungry and allow them to consume more food.

Other studies that came out also claim that people usually get hungry well during the cold season compared to other seasons.

But no claim actually concludes that drinking cold water can result in improved health.









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