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Ladies Reveal The Funny Tricks They Use To Calm Down Their Angry Partners

Recently, a question of how ladies calm their angry partners down was asked.

Ladies Reveal The Tricks They Use To Calm Down Their Angry Partners

This question was asked in a post made on the popular social media platform, Facebook and it got ladies bringing out some funny tricks that they use.

Some of the tricks are in someway very hilarious with others being educative. The post that was made reads;

“Girls how do you calm down your boyfriend when he is angry. Guys come and listen 😁



Some reactions from ladies are;

Nondumiso Kgasebe – I give him a head, uphola same time

Gugu Ka Qauka Madondo – Its a good thing im in a long distance relationship by the time we see each other he would have forgotten

Zama Ngongoma – I make sure i buy him something to wear, even if its just a t-shirt .. He loves gifts..

Gracey Nana – I treat him like a baby guys love being treated like lil babies and if it doesn’t work, i get more angry than him

Pweedy’Empress Zoe – I get angry too we’ll see who can outlast the other.. until he ends up apologizing to me mos

Mabongi Success Simza – Just apologize and walk naked around and even sleep on his chest ,then boom he will start kissing me .And when he is angry it doesn’t even last one hour as I know I’m his weakness shame bandla umuntu wami

Noma Sego – I just say sorry and if he persists I’ll tell him to get over it after seeing these comments I now understand why I am still not married

Maame Aqoxua Whale – Erhm.. if I made him angry will certainly make up for that but if not I will give him some space to deal with it

Lungeloh Sthandwah Ngubaneh – Walk naked nje just for control, pretend as if you don’t even see him do some other things while you naked, if you watching TV watch it naked while sitting in a romantic way


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