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Lovers who transformed from Igbo to Islam Are Set To hold First Igbo Islamic Marriage in Imo State

The two lovers have transformed from Igbo to Islam and from the information gathered online, they will be having first Igbo Islamic marriage in Imo State.

Igbo Islamic marriage

According to information gathered from a user on Nairaland forum, the marriage of the two lovers will be the first Igbo Islamic marriage to be held in Imo state.

The lovers who are named Aishat Ugochi Obi and Nurudeen (Nicholas) Ikeocha will be getting married on the 10th of April 2020.

From the record, we all know that Igbo practise Christianity but this time these two lovers will be breaking that record by bringing another religion, Islam to Imo state. This will be first of its kind.

This is indeed good news for taking a bold step. Love is what matters not the religion.

The problem we have in Nigeria is that some Parents usually discriminate but thank God these two lovers are now ready to marry.

What do you think about this Marriage?

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