A video has surfaced on social media that captures the moment a man confronted a lady who happens to be the serious girlfriend of his friend.

The young man confronted that lady after catching her red-handed doing hookup with another man besides her boyfriend.

The client the young lady hooked up with happens to be none other than his junior brother.

The young man tried everything possible to capture the face of this lady but the lady continued to interrupt his filming with her hand, making it impossible for him to see her face properly in the video.

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In other news, a beautiful Nigerian lady has taken to her social media page to celebrate her virginity after 21 years of resisting the temptation to lose it to men.

In a post she made, the lady revealed that she has lost a lot of relationships as a result of her firm decision to keep her virginity until marriage. She added that she has been able to resist these temptations because her Bible tells her God frowns on adultery.

She stated that she posted her picture on her page to commemorate her virginity after 21 years and she received a lot of backlashes from some of her followers who were ladies.

The young lady further disclosed that she believes there are still some virgin men out there and she plans on getting married to one when she finally agrees to engage in a bedroom activity with a man.

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