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Man Shares Inspiring Story On How He Builds a Mansion After Being Homeless For 4 Years (Photos)

A man who is identified as @KingAtoki on Twitter has shared an inspiring story on how he was able to build his own house after being homeless for 4 years.

Man builds mansion after being homeless


When it is your time to get something that you desire, you will surely get because everything in this life is step by step.

The case of this man is not far from that as his dream of getting an amazing mansion finally come to reality.

According to the multiple tweets he shared on the microblogging website, the transformed man said he used to sleep in his old car and do basically all activities at a nearby gym house.

He shared and wrote an inspiring caption on a photo of himself standing firmly in front of his new mansion.

ā€œ4 years ago I was homeless sleeping in my car, showering at the gym, wondering where my next meal would come from. Today Iā€™m officially a homeowner!ā€

When the man shared his first inspiring tweet on the social network, he didn’t want to continue with the story at first but after his followers begged him to do so, he then shared the full inspiring story below:

See screenshot of his tweets below

Inspiring story


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