My Father Almost Disowned Me – Maristella Okpala, Miss Universe Nigeria

Miss Earth 2018, and the current first runner-up of MBGN 2021, Miss Maristella Okpala has come out to reveal the challenges she faced with her father while pursuing the beauty career.

My Father Almost Disowned Me – Maristella Okpala, Miss Universe Nigeria

The beauty queen also talked about her relationship status and how she has helped many people to achieve their dreams.

In her words:

“I’m single but not searching. My relationship is not what I will like to go into at the moment. Well, for my kind of man, if he is a God-fearing and kind man, I might get interested in him” she said.

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Asked if her parents were in support of her ambition to become a model, Maristella Okpala, recalled how she was almost disowned for following her passion.

Hear her: “Coming from a staunch catholic family, of course, it wasn’t easy at first. My father nearly disowned me and in my early days in the modeling industry, I was almost alone. My mother and grandma were my support system. But now, after proving to my Dad, that I could be a successful model with integrity and hold a professional career, he’s relaxed. I’m grateful that I’ve achieved 80% of all I’ve dreamed of. The remaining 20% would be to have helped more than 1 million children get out of the streets and get the education that they need. A child without education is like a bird without wings, no child should be left out.”

Miss Maristella Okpala has helped more than 80 kids both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria by taking them off the streets and equipping them with the tools needed to be in school through her LSI ( LETS SAY IT) Foundation.



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