A woman identified on Twitter as Lerato Mabuza has shared a sad story of her life after her friend got married to her former boyfriend.

My Friend Is Marrying The Man She Advised Me To Break Up With – Lady Says

The broken-hearted lady who took to her Twitter page stated that her friend who advised her to dump the man she loved and was dating has turned around to stab her in the back.

According to the lady, her friend turned around to marry the man she advised her to break up with. Lerato Mabuza expressed her shock and also said she is still heartbroken and said she can’t believe her ex-boyfriend is getting married to her close friend.

She tweeted, “I was shocked to discover that my friend is marrying the man she advised me to break up with.”

Some followers chided her asking why she allowed a friend to convince her to break up with her man. Read some reactions below…

“If you didn’t see anything wrong with the guy why would you break up with him just because a friend says so? Please just move on. They don’t owe you anything.” Said @Sleeh_s.

” I don’t feel bad for you. Once you ask your friend about your man and how to handle your relationship, these are the good results you will get. Learn something room this. Next time keep your relationship private.” Said @Mr_Mayo.