The Camon 19 launch was lit. But as promised, it has come with so many more goodies than you can imagine. The CAMON SHORT FILM COMPETITION Season 2 is here!

N3,000,000 and other Benefits Up for Grabs in TECNO Camon Short Film competition

Renowned smartphone brand TECNO is offering content creators, people who like to think outside the box, directors, producers, writers, and all creatives an opportunity worth millions.

This year’s competition is open to anyone who can make a two-minute brilliant, emotional film using any smartphone. Your film could be comedy, fiction, drama, or any genre you want, but it has to have a closed-ended story with a distinct beginning, middle, and end.

Serious prizes are up for grabs, with winners having a chance to win three million naira in prize money, phones, and awards recognizing their win. Also added to the mix is the TECNO Camon short film bragging rights for one year.

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Are you the one? Are you up to the task for this competition? Are you the next Camon short film star? If you are interested, here is how to participate:

– Create a short and emotional film (about 1-2 minutes long) on your smartphone.

– Submit your entry on social media using the hashtags #CAMONShow and #CAMON19ShortFilm.

– Submit your entry on Facebook as a comment on the pinned post on TECNO Mobile Facebook, using the hashtags #CAMON19ShortFilm and #CAMONShow.

– On Instagram, submit your entry on your page using the hashtags #CAMON19ShortFilm and #CAMONShow.

Out of the many entries that will be received, 19 finalists will be shortlisted to go on to the next stage. So, be daring, be creative, be the exception, make a film worthy of this century.

Start filming now because the first phase of the competition starts on the 7th of July and ends on the 21st of July 2022. Get your phones ready and say the word “ACTION!

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