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New Year Day: See The Key Things President Buhari Said During His Speech Today

As Nigeria celebrate with the rest of the world as they entered the new year of 2021, President Buhari has addressed the nation in National broadcast at exactly 7am today.

New Year Day: See The Key Things President Buhari Said During His Speech Today

In his more than 15-minute speech, Buhari said without mixing words that 2020 was one of the difficult years that Nigeria had experienced based on how Coronavirus pandemic struck the economy.

The President made emphasis on sovereignty, insecurity, COVID-19, corruption and the economy.

“As we noticed that 2020 was indeed a very tough year, 2021 would test our national resilience and ability to survive this tough time and also give us the desired hope to face any storms throughout the 2021 and beyond.”

The President also talked about people who lost their lives in 2020 and also touched the national unity’s issue and believe Nigeria will survive and thrive this year.

New Year Day: See The Key Things President Buhari Said During His Speech Today - Endsars protesters

Moreover, President Buhari also assures Nigerians that his government is committed to fulfilling the five demand of the Endsars protesters, this is based on the five for five demands youth make during the protest movement across the country in 2020.

Below are other key things that President Buhari said:

Our youths are our most valuable natural resource, at home and abroad. their creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skill are enough to convince the world that they are gifted.

Based on the recent security challenges being faced by the country, I will like to talk again on the promise made after our Nigerian army rescued over 300 schoolboys who were abducted in Kankara government school, Katsina.

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The good work that all our security forces did in 2020 shows that Nigeria as a country still has the power to combat the deadly terrorists.

Our key focus this year is to rebuild Nigeria’s economy with national economic diversification agenda that will encourage the primary goal of the national food self-sufficiency.

We are confident that the reforms we have adopted for the country’s power sector is enough to boost the efficiency in our drive and also extend the generation and distribution of electricity in order to give comfort to every citizen.

Our regime has been able to test run different interventions to strengthen the creation of job and would also give more power to the entrepreneurial drive of our youths.

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As we would continue to collaborate with the Legislature to affirm laws that will improve what we call anti-corruption fight and we would also take another view on some of our laws so that we can be sure this fight become more effective and reliable for us to handle.

But in order to make our country move further, we all have a role to play in this matter and because of this, every citizen must ensure to follow the COVID-19 guideline protocols so that this country can be safe and in case you don’t know, we are already preparing to allocate the COVID-19 vaccine.






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