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Nigeria Temporary Passport – All You Need To Know About The New Travel Document

The Immigration Service (NIS) has introduced a new travel document called “Nigeria Temporary Passport” for Nigerians abroad who need to come back home but do not possess the original standard passport.

Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) said that the Nigeria Temporary Passport (NTP) met with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards and will now give permission to citizens abroad to return back to the country without any issue with the border control.

The new temporary electronic passport which is otherwise called E-Passport was on Tuesday launched in Abuja where top diplomats from the US, UK, Canada and Cameroon attended the event.

It is believed that the temporary passport is a serious deal for many Africans staying abroad, who may have even lost their normal passport.

While others have complained that their passports have been seized or stolen by unknown people.

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But in the case of Nigeria, The Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC)has been issuing the country an ordinary paper with no strong security feature.

This is because not all countries recognise it as the document does not meet up the international standard.

Muhammad Babandede claimed that ETC is a big security threat to Nigeria and the global community because it’s just an ordinary paper.

Nigeria Temporary Passport - All You Need To Know About The New Travel Document

Important Things About The New Nigeria Temporary Passport

The paper-based Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC) has now been replaced by the Nigeria Temporary Passport (NTP).

  • The New Temporary Passport can only be issued to citizens by the embassies and high commissions outside Nigeria.
  • Travellers cannot use a temporary passport more than once and its validity is 30 days.
  • Like the standard passport, this also meets up with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).
  • The NTP contains an electronic chip that has a tendency to provide information about the traveller, just like the standard passport.
  • The New temporary Passport only has four pages inside it.
  • Unlike the standard Nigerian passport which is always in green colour, the temporary one has a resemblance colour of dark blue.
  • Immigrations would collect the NTP from the traveller after he or she has used it once.
  • The Nigerian Government has talked about how much NTP will cost.
  • It cannot replace the standard Nigerian Passport.
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