As the curtains drew to a close on the enthralling Nigerian Idol Season 8, the seasons’s winner, Victory Gbakara and the 1st runner-up Precious Mac’s triumphant visit to the TECNO Store at Ikeja City Mall (ICM) illuminated a profound connection between the brand and the hearts of Nigerians. Beyond being a leading mobile technology company, TECNO has etched an indelible mark in the nation’s soul through strategic sponsorships like Nigerian Idol, where it passionately supports the dreams of young Nigerians.

TECNO’s strategic sponsorship of Nigerian Idol for the third-year running has paved the way for aspiring singers to showcase their talents on a grand stage, embarking on self-discovery and growth. With each season, the show unearths gems like the Season 8 winner, whose extraordinary vocal prowess captivated the nation and rekindled the magic of music in the hearts of millions. By providing a platform that elevates the dreams of young talents, TECNO has become a beacon of empowerment, inspiring young Nigerians to reach for the stars.

Coming from a trailblazing journey that took all by storm, the Nigerian Idol Season 8 winner was welcomed with heartwarming cheers as he stepped into the TECNO Store at Ikeja City. There, he interacted with fans and customers and also presented gifts to customers who bought CAMON 20 and the PHANTOM V FOLD. The exuberant atmosphere was a testament to the indelible mark he left during his time on the show.

Indeed, his soul-stirring performances, magnetic stage presence, and powerful vocal prowess had struck a chord with millions of viewers, who saw his story and journey as a beacon of light in dark times.

During his stint in the Nigerian Idol house, Victory proved to be a force to be reckoned with. His breathtaking renditions of popular hits and soulful originals set the stage on fire week after week, leaving the judges and audience in awe of his talent. He effortlessly conveyed raw emotions with each performance, deeply connecting nationwide viewers.

TECNO’s commitment to engaging with its customers shone through as the Nigerian Idol winner engaged in delightful activities, interacted with fans, signed autographs, and posed for pictures, thus stopping at nothing to provide a sense of camaraderie that transcends business boundaries. TECNO’s dedication to the growth and success of past winners remains unwavering.

L-R, Winner of Nigerian Idol Season 8, Victory Gbakara and Ist Runner-up, Precious Mac receiving their prizes

In the past, the brand has taken winners on exhilarating trips to places like Kenya, providing them with unforgettable experiences. For the latest winner, Victory, TECNO has planned an exciting trip to South Africa, a testament to the brand’s commitment to nurturing talent and broadening horizons.

Additionally, TECNO has always celebrated the accomplishments of its winners through cash gifts and engaging product experiences. The brand’s support doesn’t end with the show’s conclusion but continues as the winners embark on their musical journey. In an ever-evolving world, TECNO’s impact on the lives of young Nigerians goes beyond the realm of mobile technology. Through initiatives like Nigerian Idol, the brand becomes a driving force in shaping dreams and destinies, illuminating a path of limitless possibilities for the future.

With each season, TECNO reaffirms its position as a brand that provides innovative technology and serves as a catalyst for empowering dreams, elevating talents, and touching the hearts of millions of Nigerians. To learn more, follow TECNO on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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