Lady Recounts How She Mercilessly Flogged An Elderly Woman in Public (Photo)

A Nigerian lady has recounted how she rudely flogged an elderly woman who slapped her due to parking space.

The story was shared on Twitter with the handle @FatGirlwithin_. She further explained that the elderly woman refused to shift her car while insisting that she (the narrator) was rude and within a short while, the woman grabbed her hair, reacting to this, she went into her car, brought out a whip, and brutalize her with it.

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Narrating her story, she wrote:

“Why is it almost impossible for old Nigerians to stay in their lanes??

Because why did this 40yr old woman in my estate slap me this evening?

She made me b*at her now, like she stole money.

Someone parked in front of my apartment (we all have allocated spaces oo). I took a picture and put it on the group chat as expected, waited over 30 mins and got nothing. I called the facility manager. He asked me to chill. Then 2 woman walk past my car, I honk and they ignored.

10 minutes after, one of the women came down to repark the car, so I call her and politely express my displeasure and she just starts yelling at me. So I politely tell her to fuck off. She pulls the old age/respect card and says she won’t move.

Y’all, she’s not even the owner of the car o. But she called me every name she could come up with, I only retorted by with “are you not embarrassed, you’re not making any sense, retard”

Next thing na hot slap on my face, my reflexes took over obviously and I returned the slap

But she didn’t stop, pulled my hair etc.. I was able to break free so I went into my car and grabbed my “koboko” and proceeded to flog her like thief.
No one should ask me why I have koboko in my car o (that’s a different story entirely).

She threatened police, over 2 hours ago

This is an abridged version of the situation because I’m horrible at writing.

I was home by 3 and didn’t enter my house till 5pm.
I wish people would keep their hands to themselves.

I hate that I hit someone today, it’s totally out of character for me and I feel horrible.”

Check out her tweets below:

Nigerian Lady Recounts How She Mercilessly Flogged An Elderly Woman in Public (Photo)


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