Nigerian's Anthony Joshua Loses World Titles To Oleksandr Usyk (See Full Details)

Oleksandr Usyk is the new WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO world champion after beating Anthony Joshua.

Nigerian's Anthony Joshua Loses World Titles To Oleksandr Usyk (See Full Details)

He won the fight based on points to give Joshua his second defeat for his boxing career.

The scores are 117-112, 116-112, 115-113, all in favour of the Ukrainian who produced an excellent performance.

Despite being defeated in the fight, Joshua has said that a rematch clause is included in the contract that two fighters signed.

This will give Joshua another opportunity to reclaim the belts just like what he did when he fought Andy Ruiz.

See How The Fight Happened ?

More than 60,000 fans gathered at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium to watch the fight between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk.

The big fight has generated the highest British boxing attendance since Joshua defeated Alexander Povetkin at Wembley in 2018.

Nigerian's Anthony Joshua Loses World Titles To Oleksandr Usyk (See Full Details)

Usyk Enters The Ring

After singing national anthems of Ukraine and UK, Usyk who wore face mask as if he was in Star wars entered the ring.

He then removed the mask and with all the fireworks going off behind him, strides to the ring, focused and intense.

AJ Vibes To Maulo ‘Ambition’

Anthony Joshua walked in to the ring with song from his cousin, Maulo who recently released the EP.

This was Joshua 11th successive world title fight and he was desperate too avoid shock defeat like what happened for his first fight with Andy Ruiz in Madison Square Garden.

Reports reveal that Usyk actually started well.

Round 1

Joshua attempted right hand blow to Usyk body but he missed it.

Usyk was very tricky to put down in the opener.

Joshua struggled to find his target.

Round 2

Right hand blow to the body from Joshua and that punch briefly forced the Ukrainian on the back foot.

Joshua tried to find right hook to blast his way through but Usyk gloves soak up the power.

Nigerian's Anthony Joshua Loses World Titles To Oleksandr Usyk (See Full Details)

Usyk Ahead After three rounds

Joshua momentarily became hurt when Usyk landed him with powerful shot to the head.

But Joshua also landed with right hand at the final seconds of the third and this led to huge roar from the home fans.

Round 4

Another jab from Usyk land on Joshua’s face. One big overhand from Joshua, maybe his best punch of the contest so far, lands, but Usyk was already moving backward so he didn’t hit him at full whack.

Joshua best round of the fight so far, that was in the fourth round but the fight could still go either way.

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Usyk who was hitting lighter than Joshua looks faster, getting in and out and was even moving fantastically well.

Nigerian's Anthony Joshua Loses World Titles To Oleksandr Usyk (See Full Details)

Joshua Takes The Fifth Round

In the fifth round, Joshua was beginning to show his true power and that definitely was his best round.

He has given Usyk something to think about.

Can Joshua put his foot on the accelerator now and build on that success ?

Round 6

In this round, Joshua tried to swing his right hand but Usyk was still full of energy and danced his way backwards and out of danger.

Joshua was still in the middle of the ring in the sixth round, as he tried to pressure Usyk and he hit the beautiful straight right hand to Usyk’s chin.


Usyk Hit Joshua In Round 7

Straight counter right from Joshua but wait just a minute, left hook from Usyk and Joshua wobbie backwards.

It looks as if the Champion was in trouble here.

Joshua was totally left off balance after that blow but he managed to stay up and Usyk was too far away to land with follow-up.

Round 8

Joshua started taking some risks. He lands with right and that was a good start.

He was now mixing it up with good shot to the body and straight right rock Usyk back a bit, but not as dramatically as Joshua was rocking previous roun earlier.

Joshua Gets Warning

Round 9

Anthony Joshua got warning for holding Usyk down. The last thing Joshua needed was to get point deduction from his total but just a warning from Michael Alexander prevented that.

Round 10

Usyk got cut, just above the right eye.

A huge roar from the crowd as Joshua now get visible target to aim for.

Blood start gushing out from Usyk’s eye.

But Joshua also got some damages as his right eye had swelled up.


Round 11

Usyk with one, two, three left hands to the face moving forward in succession.

Good work from the Ukrainian.

Joshua could be in throw-the-kitchen-sink territory now. Just four minutes more to go.


It Has Finished

Round 12

Usyk landed couple of punches just before the round end as Joshua looks defenceless.









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