Nigerians React As Anthony Joshua Gets Special Treatment To Register For National Identity Card

 Nigerians React As Anthony Joshua Gets Special Treatment To Register For National Identity Card
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Some Nigerians have reacted after British-Nigerian boxer, Anthony Joshua got special treatment to register for a national identity card.

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The viral photo which was shared by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) on social media generated many reactions amongst Nigerians.

Most of the fans who commented on the viral photo revealed that they were only issued a slip and not the permanent Identity card.

See Some of the reactions on the social media below:

“I’ve enrolled for this national ID card since 2014, and I’m yet to be issued a permanent ID card. All I’ve to show for it is the slip,” Olamide Obe said in a tweet. “But Anthony Joshua will most definitely get issued a permanent ID card before me. Nigeria is for the highest bidder.”

Another Nigerian Adelanfe called the NIMC wicked because “Anthony Joshua got his slip the same day! But you people will tell me to come back in 2 weeks.”

“Man (Anthony Joshua) even wore boxers to their office. I wore long trousers to their office in Jos, I had to go back home and change to skirt before they attended to me,” Ayeeshabk tweeted.

“So somebody could actually register and get their nin number on the same day? Wow,” Amakarooni said.

I can remember vividly in 2013, I registered for this National Identity card, hoping that I will be issued the permanent one after some months but the opposite is the case.

Even as that the time of typing this, I am yet to get the permanent Identity card, this same issue is what most Nigerians who registered for the exercise are still facing.

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The main problem here is that the way Nigerians do come out massively to register for the exercise is not the same with heavyweight boxer did.

In the case of Anthony Joshua, his identity card was done seamlessly without hassle.

Recall that the National Identity process started in February 2003 even though it has frustrated many Nigerians.

See the viral photo below:

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