NIN: See The New Product That Can Allow Nigerians To Register for Their National Identity Number Without StressNIMC

Nigeria Government has recently launched a new Identity Solution product that can help Nigerians to register easily for their National Identity Number (NIN).

President Muhammadu Buhari launched the policy in Abuja as Nigeria marks the 3rd National Identity Day.

Since 2019, the country has been celebrating every September 16 as National Identity Day.

What Are The Products?

Contact-less Enrolment Solution Box: This one is a complete Mobile box for people who haven’t registered for their National Identity Number.

NIMC staff will be responsible to use this mobile box to register people for anywhere (based on mobile).

With the box, the NIN registration will become easier because people won’t have to go from one place to another to register.

National Identity Management Commission Mobile ID App: This mobile Application will help people who have registered their NIN to be able to print out their digital slips from anywhere around the world.

NIN: See The New Product That Can Allow Nigerians To Register for Their National Identity Number Without Stress
Nigeria National ID Card – NIMC

How To Use NIMC App to Print Your Digital Slip

All you need is to download the NIMC App on the play store, get ready your Nin and Phone number that you have used to register your NIN.

Tokenization: Federal Government created this due to Data privacy and security reasons.

Another reason is to prevent third parties from storing another person’s NIN information.

What this means is that the token will help you protect your NIN by ensuring that it’s only you that can have access to it.

People who want to use this product must make sure they use the same number already registered for their NIN because that’s the only number you will get the token in form of a secret code to.

What Did Government Said about This Development?

Prof, Isa Ali Pantami, Minister of Communications and Digital Economy who represented President Muhammadu Buhari said that every Nigerian need to register for this National Identity Number which is Paperless.

“The Mobile Box is contact-less because biometric won’t touch anybody.”

He added that all service providers should ensure that they utilize all their data with the National Identity Management Commission as it will help the Government plan effectively for Nigerians.

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Oga, Abulrasheed Bawa in a short speech said the role that NIN has played to fight corruption is numerous.

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“Some time ago, we arrested one woman with the possession of 116 Sim Cards, can you imagine it and understand what this means.

By 2022, we would have celebrated more than 200 million NIN registrations”, he said.

What Are The Achievement of NIMC So Far?

Aliyu Aziz, Director General, National Identity Management Commission said so far, NIMC has been able to harmonize NIN with Bank Verification Number (BVN).

“The mandatory use of NIN for International Passport application and renewal, the policy to link NIN with Simcards and the use of NIN to register for JAMB are some of our achievements.

So far, NIN has a total of 8000 Enrolment Centres and the Contact-less Enrolment Mobile Box will add to the number of Centres to make NIN registration become easier,” he added.

According to NIMC, Nin registration has increased from 7 Million in 2015 to 63 million in 2021.

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