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Oxford Vaccine: See When The Coronavirus Vaccine Will Land In Nigeria

Nigerian Presidency has revealed when the Oxford vaccine will land in the country.

Mr Bashir Ahmad, the media aide to President Muhammadu Buhari took to his Twitter page to tweet that Nigeria is currently expecting four million doses of COVID-19 vaccine (Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine) on Tuesday.

According to Bashir, the information was officially communicated by the chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha.

Mr Bashir also noted that the Tuesday delivery will be based on if any change would happen for their delivery plan.

Oxford Vaccine: See When The Coronavirus Vaccine Will Land In Nigeria

Nigeria is expecting to receive the Oxford Astrazeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

Few weeks back, the Nigerian Government said that the World Health Organisation failed to include the country for the Pfizer vaccine due to the death rate of the pandemic virus in Nigeria and other African countries.

The chairman of the Primary Health Care Development Agency, Shuaib stated that the reason why the World Health body chose the other countries was because of the number of new cases, the rising in the number of cases, the population of the country and the availability of the cold chain equipment.

It is not yet clear how the distribution of the Oxford vaccine will be done in the country but we will keep you updated as soon as receive more details.


How Does The Oxford Astrazeneca Vaccine Works?

The Oxford Vaccine was produced from one weakened version of a common cold virus (known as adenovirus) gotten from chimpanzees.

Researchers have modified it to look just like the coronavirus but information gathered revealed that it does not cause the illness.

Once you are injected with it, the vaccine will command the body immune system to attack the real virus.

Researchers also explained that the Oxford Astrazeneca vaccine is considered to be very effective.

All the victims that have been injected with the vaccine are yet to develop any serious Coronavirus complication or need hospital treatment.

Unlike the Pfizer vaccine that needs to be kept at an extremely cold temperature (-70C), Oxford vaccine can be stored in a normal fridge.

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Who Are The People In Nigeria That Will Take This Oxford Vaccine?

  • Health workers in Isolation and treatment centres across Nigeria will be the first set of people to take this vaccine.
  • Strategic Leaders
  • Some Police and customs officers
  • People working in COVID-19 Laboratory.
  • Old people that are 50 years and above
  • People with serious sickness that needed urgent attention.
  • Other frontline workers like the Immigration Officers in Airport.


How Much Will The Coronavirus Vaccine Cost In Nigeria ?

According to the Nigerian Government, the first batch of vaccine is free for everyone which means you don’t need to pay a dime to get immunised.

This is because Government didn’t pay any money for the vaccine as it was donated by the Covax facility.

Also, there is a tendency that Nigeria may buy more vaccine doses like South Africa that has already pay to get one million doses of the vaccine to immunise their citizens.
















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