Pangolin: What You Need To Know About This Animal And Why People Are Rushing It

The new report reaching us from China confirms that the country has just jailed 17 Nigerians after they smuggled about 23 tonnes of pangolin scales that worth 28 million dollars.

Pangolin: What You Need To Know About This Animal And Why People Are Rushing It

Information gathered by BBC revealed that two men that acted as the leaders of the smuggling activity that occurred between 2018 and 2019 will spend 13 and 14 years in prison while 15 people also got jail terms ranging from 15 months to 2 years.

Pangolins, also known as scaly anteaters are the most trafficked land animals across the world and they are very common in Sub Saharan Africa countries especially Nigeria and Cameroon, although you can still found them in some Asia countries.

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Reports say that people have been hunting Pangolins for many years now and their scales can be used as a medicinal treatment in both Asia and Africa.

Pangolin: What You Need To Know About This Animal And Why People Are Rushing It

I guess this has been one of the reasons people go extra miles across the world to get Pangolin by all means.

It is very hard to detect the exact figure of Pangolin that have been traded illegally over the year but reports show that between 2014 and 2018, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said that about 370,000 pangolins have been seized globally.

They even disclosed that millions of Pangolins have been killed.

How Much Does Pangolin Cost?

How Much Does Pangolin Cost?

Mr Ishaku Bala who is a farmer in Kogi State told BBC that they have caught and sold many Pangolin.

Check his full statement below:

“Apart from farming, I have been working for 10 years now and I have caught Pangolin many times before. At first, I usually sell one for N1000 but now the price has increased to N5000 – N7000, this is because Pangolins are now hard to find in Bush.”

The hunter also said that most people buy Pangolin for consumption purpose and that he is not aware if they carry Pangolin to China or other countries.

Can this animal finish In Nigeria and other African Countries?

Can Pangolin finish In Nigeria and other African Countries?

According to Abdullahi Isyaku of Sokoto State University who is also a master for African voice in Animal initiative, “It’s possible for Pangolin to finish if Government and people do not desist from illegal trading.

Pangolin are now endangered which means that the figure has critically dropped and at the moment research is ongoing in order to know the current level of damage so far.”

We are happy about the recent judgement from China and we believe that this will be a lesson for other people who have been smuggling Pangolins in Nigeria.

We have been informed that many Asians usually come to my wildlife place just for that smuggling purpose.”

And lastly, Mr Abdullahi said the orientation of African people about safeguarding animals need to be taken seriously.




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