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Pastor Adeboye: See What RCCG Pastor Said That Is Making Him to Trend On Social Media

After Dangote became the first person to trend on New year day, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Adeboye has also become one of the set of people to trend in 2021.

Pastor Adeboye
Why Is Pastor Adeboye Trending on Social Media?

This is the major question that social media users keep asking as Pastor Adeboye continue to trend.

According to what we learnt from the BBC, Pastor Adeboye started trending because of what he said during the first Sunday of the year service that happened via the internet (Youtube) on January 3, 2021.

Pastor Adeboye

What Did Pastor Adeboye Talk during his Church Service?

The pastor explained to his members why he cancelled the 2020 cross-over night service on 31st December.

He said the reason is that the time frame announced by the Christian Association of Church to conduct the crossover night service was not comfortable with him.

“Authorities from CAN and Federal Government said all churches should do the crossover service by 10pm and other also said 11pm so I decided to let members to the service at their various homes”

“It is very funny to me to conduct crossover by 10pm on December 31 because it looks as if one is crossing over to 2020, God forbid bad things”

“Rather than cross over by 11pm or 11pm so I informed members to stay in their homes to do crossover by 12pm”

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“I also find it hilarious because no man told us that Covid-19 always attack people during the night, nobody informs us that Coronavurus is now a witch.

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RCCG Pastor

Although Daddy G.O also told his members to ensure they obey the Covid-19 guideline protocols that the Federal Government revealed.

“Obey the government, wash your hands and make sure you observe social distancing too”

Recall that CAN President took the U-turn by ordering all Nigerian churches to conduct the crossover night service before 12AM midnight due to the second wave of coronavirus in the country.

How Did Buka Food Become better Than Restaurant own?

Despite the fact that Pastor Adeboye praised the Nigerian Government for protecting people against the Pandemic virus, Je also dragged them for doing some funny things during the process.

“When you ask a man to do a job that only the Almighty God can do, don’t criticize him if he commits error”

“They are actually trying to protect us but at the same time, they do some funny things in the process, for example, I learnt that the Nigerian government has placed ban restrictions on some restaurants”.

RCCG Pastor

“How many of us do visit a restaurant, we prefer to go to Buka because only the rich people prefer going to restaurants”.

“And let me tell you, those of us that are thinking that going to restaurants is better, going to Buka is the best”.

The RCCG pastor said he know because he has tasted the both before.

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