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Popular Celebrity Blogger, Linda Ikeji Changes Her Son’s Surname from Her Baby Daddy’s Name To Her Father’s Name (See Reasons)

Popular Celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji has recently changed the surname of her son Jayce from her baby daddy’s name Jeremi to that of her own father Ikeji as she celebrates him on his birthday.

For reasons best known to her, Linda Ikeji changed the surname of her son, Jayce to Ikeji, removing the identity of his father Jeremi from it and even changed it in his Instagram bio and we wonder why.


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Some possible reasons why most women give their father’s surname to their kids could be when the father of their kids doesn’t take responsibility and do what they are expected to do as fathers or sometimes the mothers just feel like based on privacy issues.

But in the case of Linda Ikeji, we believe something might be wrong somewhere because she was using the baby daddy’s name Jeremi for her son, Jayce but then has changed it all of a sudden which means something might have gone wrong somewhere and we are yet to discover it.

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Linda Ikeji hardly talks about her baby daddy and now is trying to delete his identity from the life of her son Jayce by giving him her father’s surname meaning she doesn’t want to have anything do with him again until whatever be the reason is solved.

The poor boy is going to be the one who will suffer the most in all this drama since he would have to live his life without his father now that his mother is trying to cut him off in their lives.


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