Popular Reality TV Star, Khloe Reveals Why You Shouldn’t Allow Anyone Depend On You

Popular Reality TV star, Oluwabusayomi Abiri popularly known as Khloe has said that is suicidal to allow your family depends on you.

Khloe believes that until one makes it in life, or perhaps become the richest in your family, they all depend on you and you will not understand why and how important it is to let everyone struggle and not be their saviour because your life can never be peaceful, they will just kill you.

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In a long post she shared on her Snapchat, Khloe wrote,

‘Then u marry a partner who is also the bread winner of his or her own family, ti eyin mejeji ti ta (u both r done for) let ur family suffer the way u’re suffering too, u will just be the sacrificial lamb.

I know the sound of I want to remove my family from poverty sounds well to you, but old age, time & money will teach u a lesson u’re refusing to learn now, the only love u think u re seeing now causes u’re the provider I’m an elderly person, no need to talk too much, time will teach u.

Do not let anybody depend on u, long as they have legs & hand let them struggle & make it, u re not helping them if u hand them everything so easily without them struggling for it.’


Do you think it’s suicidal to allow your family depends on you?




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