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Read This If You Graduate With a Third Class or Pass

Do you graduate with a third class or pass and you are thinking if you might not get a good job, well read the below article.


graduate with a third class


Gone are the days when you finish with first class, second class upper or lower and getting a good job won’t be the problem.

Truth be told, it’s rare to get employment in Nigeria irrespective of what you graduated with.

I remember back in school, our lecturers usually tell us to strive to graduate with first-class or second class upper for us to be able to secure a good job but my brothers and my sisters, getting a job is now dependent on yourself.

There is common saying that if an undergraduate graduate with a third class or just a pass, getting his or her desired job might not be successful.

What you need is self-development, not your certificate. Though your certificate can get you a job what if you fail to deliver, you might get sanctioned or relieved.

If you graduate with a third class or pass, you don’t need to worry. All you need is to challenge yourself and learn a productive skill.

There are many professional courses you can even do. Some of them are HSE, HRM and others.

You can also learn any ICT skills such as digital marketing, Graphics Designing, Web designing and freelancing.

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Google is still one of the best search engines to get any answers to questions.

The bottom line is that you can become anything you want if you develop yourself.

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